no subject comes to mind

So yesterday, I got the news that I failed my fetal fibronectin test. You can follow the link for the medical info, basically it is a warning that I could go into labor in the next 2 weeks. With Toby, Dr Reed had told me I would be hospitalized if this happened… but this time I had said I would like to stay out of the hospital as long as possible. So now, after 3 months of strict bedrest, I am officially on strict bedrest….
I got pretty bummed out. It’s not a sure thing or anything, but I’ve never failed one of those before and that is scary. So I am continuing to lay down. I only get up for the bathroom, even skipping showers for now. And so we wait, and we pray.

In other news, the monogram I was embroidering is finished. And I am pretty proud of it.

Today, if my arms don’t get too tired, I may start piecing the quilt top together. My mom has taken 2 weeks off work, starting this afternoon, so the boys will love having her here all week… they are starting to show the strain of all the upheaval.


28 thoughts on “no subject comes to mind

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey Jess, Good Job on your quilt! One day I wil feel well enough to come spend some time over there. I really miss you! PEACE, PEACE AND MORE PEACE to you while you are laying very still. Also, I think it is really funny that we picked out the same colors for a baby girl room. I’m leaning more toward just hot pink and black. If she’s a girl, of course. Either way… she will be very special to me.


  2. BethC says:

    pherstyI’m glad the boys have grandma there.


  3. BethC says:

    stephyou feeling better yet btw, i was secondly instead of pherstly


  4. Stephanie says:

    Beth, The sun is shining today, that’s better.


  5. Shannon2-24 says:

    those initials are pretty!!


  6. Jessica, you did a fantastic job on those initials. It looks like you did it on a machine…but I saw you working on them by hand.Awesome….It is in your blood.:0)


  7. Josharoo says:

    Nice work on the initials!OK EVERYONE!! Let’s come up with a list of “101 Creative Things to Do On Bed Rest” (or as many as we can). They can be funny or real. Jessica can post a summary of our ideas in a couple days.


  8. Josharoo says:

    Idea:Count the squares on a roll of toilet paper…. I’ve wondered if the number of squares they claim is on each roll is really there. They just may figure no one will ever count them, so they lie to you.


  9. Josharoo says:

    The ideas are to pass the time, or whatever.


  10. Write down Brynn Kathryn Clark and see how many words you can make out of the same letters.


  11. Sing Lullabyes to the sweet baby.


  12. Crossword puzzlesReRuns from Great old moviesAmerican Idol (If the MIL remembers) Which I did today!Tongue excersizes….roll it in a tube and turn it over


  13. Shannon2-24 says:

    Ya, if you see how many words to spell with her name, you’ll already be ready for one of the games they may play at your baby girl shower!Brynn Kathryn Clarkto get you started:barklarkthanclanranwow, the only vowels are a.. and sometimes y: )bancannanny!racklackharkarkbathok.. I’ll stop, I’ve been pretty good at these. I think I won at a baby shower once. : D


  14. BethC says:

    what about board gamesyahtzee!


  15. YIP……..or cards….or just talk and talk and talk…..R2 is getting great at answering..and adding his thoughts….here and there… on phone….oooo never mind that one is out….write your book………Work on your book….talk into a tape recorder and record your book and type it up later…….during the massive nap times of the future…..I bet you might know a guy who has a recording studio that might be able to hook you up with some sort of recording device that you could speak into and start spitting out those chapters you have been sitting on.:0)


  16. Mama PC says:

    helloi’m finally home…long daybetter at workchoosing to forgive, and not doing a very good job at it…but choosing to anyway…and need prayer to keep my mouth shut…then, i went to “work out”… then, all sweat-i-fied…shopped at HEB for way too long…and bought way too much healthy foods…we are so blessed in this country to have so much food available and money wherewith to buy it…and refrigerators in which to store it…plus, i over-bought…some smell good soaps to spoil myself…and some valentine cards…and 3 boxes of Rooibos Teas…etc etc etcwith only one computer at our home…and 4 active computerers…i don’t get a chance to get on much… and now, hannah wants to study for a test tamale… she likes her college class – Anatomy and Physiology… that was one of my faves too… it is so awesome to really study the human body… when you see how it is formed…and designed… you cannot deny the artful hand and mind of a mighty God… he loves us so much! to invest so much DESIGN into our earthly tabernacles…just take the kidney… it is AWESOMELY designed!


  17. Mama PC says:

    jess, what are the contraindications for cerclage in your case? if you’d rather email me… i’ll watch for it tomorrow… seeing’s how i cannot be trusted to be able to check back on here this evening since hannee is booting me off…


  18. Mama PC says:

    items you can do to pass time…count tiles on the floorstare off into space and invent new thingswrite song lyricswrite poemswrite storieswrite letter to lonely peopledraw stick figurescolor in coloring booksplay solitaretalk on THE PHONE! (we are missing out on this…)linds is CUTTING A FAMILY MEMBER’S HAIR!!!OH NO!!!papa is requesting Linds to “shape up his hair” around the neck..andLindsey is not smiling…oki’m officially being kciked off…love you allespecially you, jess…and i’m glad you have yore mama there now… ck your email right now!


  19. Napalm says:

    I used to always finish my TAAS tests like hours before everyone else. So I sat there and would draw(because we weren’t allowed to go to sleep) and I even would count ceiling tiles…I’d count them one direction, then another…then skipping every other one. Then counting the ones that were darker, then some lighter ones…and figuring out the ratio between the two. Then hypothesizing why there were always more light tiles than dark… I even would estimate the portional tiles at the sides of the room, where they didn’t exactly fit, so they cut the tiles to fit cover the ceiling.I did all this, basically because I wasn’t a good drawer/artist.I’ve never been able to hold things well……paaaahhhaaahaha!!!! thats a stupid pun if I’ve ever heard one…


  20. Mama PC says:

    i would count tiles incessantly as a child and still do to this day…to see if they come out even…or odd…. and then, i open up closets to see if the tiles are lined up evenly in there… and it really bothers me if the closet floors that are tiled are off-centered…it seems i had this need to see order…. and balance…. in the tiles that surrounded me…as a child… ceiling tiles, floor tiles…tiles around the tub… bricks…i’d count them one way… then go back the other way… sometimes i still find myself counting things…. steps, clothing items that go into the washer… now WHY would a person COUNT the items of clothes that go into the washer????


  21. Mama PC says:

    yes, napalm, we know you aren’t anything like a “drawer”…what is the actual etimology of the word “drawer” anyway?there are the drawers in the wardrobes, or dressers, or chests… and i suppose they are called such, because you drew these little boxes out of their places by means of drawer knobs or hardware, and possibly because they slid out on little drawer hardware….but, then why are the “drawers” that are in the “drawers” called such??? because you “draw” or pull them onto your person?what other kind of “drawers” are there?draw from this well and you will never thirst again…draw a gun and shoot…bang bangdraw with your crayon… or pencil…draught of beer….draught… drought???how are all these words defined and where did they all come from….and why am i spending all this time at this way too early hour in the morning talking about drawers???oki’d better get some zzz’s… (again)snoring wakes me up… but, i never tell….:-)))


  22. Mama PC says:

    we leave in 28 days for THAILAND!!!Lord have mercy…


  23. Mama PC says:

    steph, when is YOUr baby due???need update on you too…good mernin’


  24. Stef might answer you this morning Mama PC………..IF not I will……Happy THURSDAY!I am taking THE TAPE out of the VCR and I am putting it on the back of the couch…….THIS causes it to go with me to work….so I can guaretee that it will be in my car…..MIGHT actually notice it in the front seat on the way to early meeting and I might actually put it on the window sill or seel or seal….this morning…If no one sees it on the porch ..itmight be a great idea to call me on the telephone and request it.HOPEFULLY you wont have to use that horrible contraption.


  25. Josharoo says:

    Tile counting freaks!


  26. Mama PC says:

    hi bobhow are you?


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