Happy Valentines Day baby

Well, surprise! I’m not sure how much of a “birth story” anybody is looking for around here… the usual details are involved… contractions and such. I will say this… there was so much peace during my delivery. We were joking around with the medical staff throughout the whole thing, and I never felt stressed or fearful… which was grace and a miracle because I definitely could have.
My heart has been through it… when the grace lifted for a brief period yesterday, I grieved deeply that, once again, my body did not my protect my baby. And now she’s out here and it’s bright and uncomfortable and she is SO little. But man, I fought to get this far. Harder than I ever have. And she’s gonna be all right.

She was 2 lbs 12 oz, 16 in long. Her hair is really dark, but they haven’t been able to wash it yet so I don’t really know what it looks like. She is on a ventilator, but she is trying to breathe around it and they are gradually weaning the amount of breaths the machine is giving her. As long as she is on the vent, we can’t hold her. That’s really hard. But I will be up there waiting, and hopefully it will just be a few days until she can breathe on her own.

Maybe you are thinking how relieved you are that we will no longer be discussing my cervix in the public forum here. Me too. But now, we will talk about pumping… because I will be pumping breastmilk for her every three hours until she is able to rey ro nurse- which, I have no idea when that might be. Do you think God is teaching me patience? I wish he would quit. Just kidding, mostly.

I don’t have a dial-up plan, so I don’t know if I’ll get internet access at the hospital. I will be working on it. In the meantime, I’ll be checking at night and in the morning.

Thanks, my friends. Your prayers have brought us this far.


36 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day baby

  1. Josharoo says:

    Frist Happy Valentine’s Day!Very sweet story!


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  5. BethC says:

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  6. BethC says:

    My love language is…..


  7. BethC says:

    close….financial freedom!


  8. Josharoo says:

    Credit reports are just the advice I needed on Valentine’s Day.


  9. BethC says:

    it’s enough to warm one’s heart, indeed!


  10. BethC says:

    love is never having to say, “I’m broke”!


  11. Stephanie says:

    Ahhhh Valenties DayI hope I get something good. Rob’s just guys homegroup is tonight. How romantic, Ha! I think I will request that they All bring me a Valentine. It’s only fair.


  12. BethC says:

    and chocolate and Chinese dinner


  13. Josharoo says:

    Impossible question on the radio this morning:Q: 63% of people making more than $75,000 says this is what makes them successful?A: They are happy people, have a happy attitude.Lesson: success does NOT make happiness, rather happiness brings success.


  14. Josharoo says:

    Ok, ONE QUESTION:Have any of the ladies PLANNED to do something EXTRA special for your man? Last year we all agreed that V-Day is a woman’s holiday. The men are the ones under pressure to do something. Are the men also a Valentine? Do the woman need to do something special also?


  15. Shannon2-24 says:

    dunt wery dadamama is thingkin uv a planshe told me u r a valntinjust be hapio i here her cumin byebye


  16. Josharoo says:

    Roger that, KeithThanks bubbyOver and out


  17. Anonymous says:

    per/JessicaBRYNNY is BREATHING on her OWN!!!She has a CPAP in her nose and she is under the LIGHTS for Jaundic.GOD is so AWESOME!YIPPPEEEEE


  18. Anonymous says:

    Jaundice Jaundice JUAN DICESpell it however you want to.It is not a big deal.Richard stayed in the hospital for 7 days back in the dark ages with Juan Dice.Like father like daughter.this is EZ


  19. BethC says:

    wonderful report!


  20. Anonymous says:

    You guys really know how to make pretty babies. I am so happy for you. May Gods blessings be upon you all.Love Aunt Frances


  21. Mrs. Meyer says:

    happy valentine’s day and congratulations!! She’s almost a valentine’s baby!!! What day was she born exactly? the 12th?And she was born the same week I was! My birthday is the 18th!!! AWESOME


  22. pat says:

    Clark Family!Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. It is so exciting to think of you guys having a girl. I am really big on girls since I have 3 sisters, 3 daughters, a daugter in law, five granddaughters (soon to have six!).. guess that makes me close to an expert!We are so thrilled for you, can’t wait to see her in something pretty and pink!


  23. crystal says:

    Ok, I have a need if anyone is interested in helping out. I really need someone or some people to work the nursery on Friday nights. It would just be Isaac.So I am looking for at least… 4 women who could commit to working the nursery once a month for me. from 7-9. I REALLY need the help. Im at the point where i have told randy Im no longer going to attend RG unless i can get a nursery.if you are able to help let me know… rcdiaz2@suddenlink.net


  24. Stephanie says:

    Valentine #1 From Stephen VandoosenLittle red rose and a sweet note. Delivered at my door. How thoughtful is that!He’s not even coming to homegroup tonight.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Jessicacongradulations! this is madison typing to u okay.i am so happy that the baby is here! i cant wait to see brynn! i love you people because it’s valentines day! but not just because this day, i’ll love u every day!


  26. Stephen is a SWEEETY!Madison…….why aren’t you logging on………?Ooooooo same reason I am not.I forgot BLOG changed.YUK…..


  27. Napalm says:

    ugh…new blog is not yuk,you guys are just wimps.Go get a google account, it works exactly the same! It’s still free!


  28. Anonymous says:

    i betcha wear pink panties 2


  29. Anonymous says:

    yo mama wears army boots


  30. Anonymous says:

    wimps wimps wimps




  32. Napalm says:

    I think anonymity should be over…


  33. I AGREE N8palmand you mister man were LASTSneaky way to jump right in there at the last minute.Happy THursday!:0)


  34. SharonSivad says:

    How’s Brynn doing today?


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