So, do you want to know??

We’re going HOME on Thursday!! WAHOOO!


16 thoughts on “

  1. BethC says:

    WOOOHOOOOO!4/5/07 come on Thursday!


  2. harvester says:



  3. Josharoo says:

    So, I guess you didn’t win the lotto after all?


  4. BethC says:

    she won a “lot-though”…say that fast 3 times


  5. lisa says:

    Been a long time comin…but here she comes!!! YAY!!


  6. Josharoo says:

    she won a “lot-though”she won a “lot-though”she won a “lot-though”


  7. BethC says:

    today is passoverhope to see all at ctk tonite!


  8. Georgia says:

    YAY BRYNN! I am so proud of you!


  9. Mama PC says:

    YOWSERS!!!good night allhere’s the words to a song that always has meant a lot to me…sung a lot in the ’80’s at our church in New Mexico…


  10. Mama PC says:

    Oh the blood of the Passover LambIs applied to the door of my lifeNo power of darkness could ever withstandThe force of the blood sacrificeThough Satan may bring accusationI let him know right where I standFor now there is no condemnationI’m under the blood of the Lamb!I’m under the blood of the LambThat covers the guilt of my sinBy the mercy of GodHoly and righteous I standI’m under the blood of the LambSafe and secure from the enemy’s planNo weapon formed against me shall standI’m under the blood of the LambI’m under the blood of the LambI’m un……….der the blood………’ of the Lamb!!!!!


  11. lisa says:

    I know that info on this was on the Weekly update on God’s Ipod, but this is more current (as of 4/3/07)Prayer Alert:Evangelist Winkie Pratney in Critical Condition in South Korean Hospital Christians around the world are praying for international evangelist Winkie Pratney who is in critical medical condition in a hospital in South Korea. Assist News Service is reporting that he is currently in septic shock, a life-threatening condition. Winkie fell last week in South Korea, which led to surgery and a series of complications, according to a blog on his Web site “His first surgery (a herniotomy) was on March 26. The next day it was clear that there were more problems beyond the hernia, so Winkie underwent major surgery on his whole abdominal cavity. They found several adhesions of his bowel which were causing intestinal obstruction,” says Steve Loopstra, executive director of the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Prayer Transformation Ministries.”The condition of his transverse colon was very severe, so they performed a segmental resection where portions of his colon were removed entirely,” Loopstra wrote. “In addition to this, he suffered micro-ruptures at certain points that were repaired.””Winkie began to improve and talked with his wife, who flew in from Australia. But in the past day, his condition has worsened and he is now in septic shock, with his vital organs failing.” “Winkie is a hero of faith,” Loopstra commented, “having ministered to the lives of countless thousands of people, especially young adults. He is a brilliant teacher and a gift to the nations. Please be in prayer for Winkie and his family at this critical time.” Ministry partner Shane Anderson, who is posting updates on the Winkie Pratney Web blog, says that because some false information has circulated about Winkie’s condition, those requesting or seeking more information should refer to the blog, which will contain accurate information from Anderson and Winkie’s wife, Fae.


  12. lisa says:

    That was from CBN.comThis is from his blog..”Winkie is in a very critical state, on life support in an induced coma and on dialysis to allow his infected organs to start recovery. The Surgeon (reputedly the best in Korea) has told Trevor it will be three days before they know how things are progressing. These three days are critical. Please hold on to God especially during these days not only for Winkie but also Fae who is under considerable pressure.”For more info on Winkie’s condition, you can go to his Web site at Click on the blog link for the latest updates.


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