Stylin, her last night in the NICU

I am not loving this carseat thing…
All dressed up and good to go

wow… I think I’m in baby shock. More later.


13 thoughts on “

  1. BethC says:

    this is an amazingly beautiful baby girl and family!sweet homecoming


  2. Josharoo says:

    Very cool! Totally happy for all of you!


  3. BethC says:

    oh that bow!and wow that cute dress!


  4. Shannon2-24 says:

    Sweet to see you all on your couch!!


  5. Sonia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! WELCOME HOME little sweet Brynn!!! What a great way to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection day! Praying that Brynn does amazingly well at home!Hugs and love,Sonia


  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful family! Congrats!Yvonne


  7. Mama PC says:

    Welcome Home!!!Enjoy!!!


  8. Mama PC says:

    how’s Brynn doing???


  9. Hey Jess……whats the update on Sonia and Jongs baby?Better now? This looks like the same photo as a couple months ago.Do you know details?I am so excited for you guys and I know that you are both sleeping with one eye open.How is Tobias liking the new sleeping arangments? R2 totally accepts her and is not threatened at all….It is so neat to watch him just look at her and be excited about her…Tobias wasn’t quite sure what to think.. I bet he has it all figured out now…..Ooooo Mommy and Daddy have enough love for all of us…….and I just have to take turns sitting in laps……:0)


  10. Such a beautiful sweet family!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! What an incredibly awesome groupling of peoples you guys are! I’m so happy for you that all your little chitlins get to be home! Yippee!! The kids are all so wonderful! …and what an adorable dress on baby-girl!Well…love you guys!Angie Kitzmahnishaka “anonymous”


  12. Mama PC says:

    hello anonomi, angee\’looking forward to update on monday…jess hope things are going well at home…. miss seeing you more but know you have more important things to do…snow in washington, josh/shann?


  13. Napalm says:

    snow in washington?try snow in Fairfield, TX!


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