mo catchin up

It’s funny in a non-funny way to realize what a “victim” I have become. So many excuses for why I can’t be or do what I have to. And yeah, I can’t. But if I choose not to develop a love and a dependence on God, does that make my toothlessness justified?

Over the last 40 days, I have been learning about myself. Introspection, in.
I have been through heck, yes. And the things I went through could crush someone’s faith. And mine has been pretty crushed. What’s amazing is that God is so consistent. He is the same.
I don’t know what the heck is going on. But now, I am different. I look at my myspace or here or the news and the pull is gone. I love my blog, and I’ll keep writing daily. But I don’t NEED it like I did. And I have to seize the day while there’s grace here to change.
Introspection, out.

For anyone who hasn’t seen me or my fam in the last couple of months, here are a few pictures. In the ones from the Call, you may be able to see Toby with Eva in the crowd.
And a video… does R2 see angels?

Deleted video temporarily.. ( the other videos were referenced from the first video, not ours ) We’ll fix.

R2: Cake!
We’re going to church, we’re going to church!
We’re going to church.
Me: What’s up there?
R2: Up there! The sky. SKY!
It’s dancing, people dancing.
I love that. I love that picture.
(random brynn-ness)


13 thoughts on “mo catchin up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, Jess!I cannot believe there are no comments yet – what gives?The photos are so cute – that Tobe’s a real looker.Glad to know all went well at The Call-sorry I did not make itWhere’s Josh?


  2. jennifer says:

    Such good pictures! Maybe no one realized you are back yet? Jess have you looked at the website for the wedding photos? There is a couple of good ones of your familia. Chris Harvey is over at Freedom Fellowship this week. Going over there tonight. I just love the pressence of God in that place it hits me as soon as I walk in. And Sunday I was praying with Kathleen Gage, and got to talk to Laura Allison. I just love hanging out with prayer warriors. And there is alot more space over there to do flags!! I get tired of hitting the ceiling all the time at TFH. And Where is Josh???


  3. BethC says:

    beautiful babiessweet heartspowerful testimony


  4. BethC says:

    where’s Josh?


  5. Happy says:

    hi jess!welcome back!awesome testimony i was reading from you. thank you for sharing that. it helped me.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Man, oh, man!Where’s Josh?This just ain't no blog without Josh (er, & you, too, Jess)!Man, where is Josh?!


  7. Hey Jess……Where is JOSH?JOOOOOSH!!!Where are YOU?How do you view the wedding pics?What is the webaddress?


  8. jess says:

    hey, uh… where is Josh?


  9. jennifer says:

    Good morning all! Eva, Wedding picks are at http://www.lensflaircreative/HENRYuser name henrypassword henry2007


  10. Josharoo says:

    So, I guess I’m a celebrity… or something.Been pretty busy. I’ll get into things after Jess’ post today.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Is Josh here yet?


  12. BethC says:

    7/5new stiles baby girl is born (Shannon)!ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  13. Mama PC says:

    jess! was that you singing up there with the group??? i was so far away when you all were singing, that i didn’t know you were up there too!!! wow! and the baby too???i got some video-type footage but it only picked up sound and a lot of people walking around and into the stadium…. i couldn’t zoom in…sounded GREAT!


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