One of the elements in my new semi-productive life is doing things with my kids. For example…. Storytime at the library. Every Wednesday morning. Usually, they have NO idea what is going on. And all the little genius 3 year olds are singing and dancing and repeating things and Toby and Richy are just sitting there kind of stunned. Today was Elmo… I gotta admit, I had it a little hyped up in my head. But it was a guy in a kinda ratty elmo suit who wasn’t really pulling off the falsetto. Richy liked it. Toby was demonstrating his sin nature. So now we’re home and I have a headache. I wonder if the effort to take them to this stuff is even worth it. I just figure kids who are so obedient at Walmart and restaurants deserve some kid-focused time …. maybe that’s hooey.


14 thoughts on “

  1. jennifer says:

    I would cry too. Elmo is suppose to be cute and cuddly. That one looks a little strange!


  2. Josharoo says:

    If Elmo is supposedly cute and cuddly, then I must be angelic and fluffy.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Brynn is clearly not impressed with Elmo. Perhaps his fur was too ticklish?Hey! It’s Josh! Yippee!Now the blog is happening!


  4. Josharoo says:

    Hey! It’s Anon! Now the blog is ?????


  5. BethC says:

    elmo in a whole new way


  6. Anonymous says:

    Now the blog is the best it the world!


  7. jennifer says:

    Looking at the picture of Brynn reminds me of my nephew Austin. He is nearly 18 now but when he was about 2 years old, my sister was the easter bunny at the local hallmark store so we went over there. Austin was scared and crying and then the easter bunny says “it’s ok Austin, it’s mommy”. Well then he really freaked and went running sreaming for the door right out into to parking lot. He thought the Easter bunny had eaten his Mommy!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Good Morning, Bloggerati!Anon #2 is here.Where’s Josh?


  9. Anonymous says:

    I knew the Easter Bunny was up to no good. He should be called Pagean Demon Bunny – run for your life – he will eat your mommy!Head for the hills!


  10. Josharoo says:

    I’m busy confirming if my mommy hasd been eaten by the Pagean Demon Bunny.


  11. Josharoo says:

    Now that I have a real moment. Jess- Really great pictures of the family! Introspection can start good things.Is extrospection a real word?


  12. jennifer says:

    Yes Josh, extrospection is a real word!


  13. jennifer says:

    Hey Jess do y’all have a date for the 2nd recording yet? Georgia sent me an email saying it would be this Sunday at FF but they are having Chris Harvey? So I checked the Radiant website but it said no firm date? Got an ideas as to when?


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