Not posting… or doing laundry… or making food… BECAUSE

WAHOOOO! Happy Birthday to me!


10 thoughts on “

  1. YippeeeeeeeeeJess……Yo mudder wuvs you so so much.Yea!


  2. Josharoo says:

    How can you not post cause it’s your birthday, whey your birthday isn’t for two more days?


  3. jess says:

    My mama does love me… but my hubby bought me the sewing machine!


  4. Mama PC says:

    wow! what are you going to sew??? so???? sow????


  5. jess says:

    I have already sewn two baby doll shirts… well, kinda shirts.They’re pretty rough looking


  6. Happy says:

    will you show us the shirts?


  7. Baby doll for Brynn or Doll clothes or Baby Doll Style for YOU?Could you be a little for CLEAR?Hellooooooooo


  8. My oppinion is so valuable…..that I must share it.HahahahaBaby clothes are very difficult to sew because they are so small and all the parts are even more challengin to put together….If I was sewing on my brand new sewing machine I would make myself a blouse first and get my confidence up………before I tackles that children’s clothes..Did you get your Viking Machine from YO MUDDER store?


  9. What time does the Princess awake and POST?Too busy sewing?


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