the chosen domicile

Look at the prettiness! And all that strange white substance on the ground! So we filled out all the paperwork, me signing things and scanning and emailing them, and he hobbling about in KC with his crutch and ICE STORMS. 21 degrees. What will become of me?

I am not ready to move. Not emotionally, no. But that will probably never happen. I mean, physically. I have all this stuff and nothing packed. Deja vu? Me too. I guess I’ll start getting rid of stuff. Again.

If we get approved for this house then I can start ordering services and change our address and such. Wowzer.


20 thoughts on “the chosen domicile

  1. I am so happy for you Jessica.I know that you are really excited about all the wonderful things that God has lined out for you and your family.R2 Toby and Brynny are going to know all about snow angels and golashes…Ice skating in rubber boots like their Bedste did..Oooooo my heart….But I KNOW that God is behind all of this so I have peace…..I am very proud of you both..listening and obeying and being willing to put yourself and your own desires on the back burner to do what GOD wants you to do.Ooo but my heart…..


  2. josharoo says:

    The house looks really nice! Nice wood floors. We’ve gotten snow the last two weekends that was gone by Monday. It’s nice to play in for a day. MO will be like IL, the snow stays for weeks, but they clear the roads nice very quickly so you don’t have to worry about the driving part (unless a big snow happens while you’re away from home and you have to get home before the plows get out.)Leaving the place you grew up to move across the country is like no other experience. Shannon did it while single (although coming to be closer to me), and I did it when we moved to IL. It’s weird, fun, sad, surreal, and exciting at the same time.


  3. josharoo says:

    Hey, we’ll be in Texas in 12 days!


  4. sivadnorahs says:

    Looks like a very nice house to me, Jess! What a wonderful adventure for you & the MOG. I know that God is with you all.On a sadder note: for those of you who knew DC Kent; his dad, Chuck, died this afternoon. Please remember their family in prayer.Wow, Josh, I hope I get to see you, Shannon & Keith at CTK while you are here.My hubby, Don, will be returning to the Seattle area to work for Walgreens again after the first of the year. In fact, the Pacific NW will be his territory. So, eventually we will be moving there permanently! Fun, fun, fun!!!


  5. sivadnorahs says:

    Josh: I’m actually more interested in meeting Keith than anything. He is just too cute!


  6. Mama PC says:

    hi everyone!Mercy Chrissssssstmaaaaas!!!


  7. josharoo says:

    sivad- I understand. If I weren’t me, I’d me most interested in meeting Keith too. We’ll be at CTK 12/22. Hope to see you there.


  8. Mama PC says:

    i watched a bunch of hte KEITH videos and he’s very very cutical!active young man…see you on the Sunday the 23rd….have you guys worked out a place to stay while you’re here, yet?


  9. Mama PC says:

    yes, jess, we hope to see you at CTK the 23rd! it was so good to see you yesterday at church, even if you were without you know who…:-) i like you better, anyway!ha!


  10. Mama PC says:

    sivad – when you move to the northwest, we’ll come see you and the Petes once a year! 🙂


  11. Mama PC says:

    well, at 8 p.m. tonight, i was having my mog cover me with hot towels from the dryer…cause i had ice water flowing through my veins…and now… i’m drenched! and on fire! wowser! who woulda known hormones could make a person so persnickity!?!anyone know anything about MENoPAWS?i hear that all the horrible things that happen to women all start with the word “men”but, jess shall have to give her explanation to that on another date…


  12. Anonymous says:

    i laugh at menopauseha ha ha


  13. Anonymous says:

    ron paul is a joke


  14. Anonymous says:

    jess must be practising hybernation techniques due to the amount of snow shown in photo of new domainWAKE UP!!!!!!


  15. Jess says:

    I’m here! New blag.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Ron Paul is not a joke.He is a shining similarity to our wonderful founding fathers.


  17. Anonymous says:

    no.. Jess doesn’t live there yet. She doesn’t have snow where she is at.


  18. Anonymous says:

    politicians should be tarred & feathered!bah humbug!


  19. Anonymous says:

    Jess said she was here.But I don’t see her -ANYWHERE!!!Youuuu Whooooo! Jess, where are you?Has anyone seen her?


  20. Jess says:

    I am UP THERE


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