14 thoughts on “Mama

  1. BethC says:

    winner!how fast did she go?


  2. Anonymous says:

    cannot blogprotestingrofloloaoaoa


  3. Lindsa always had a need for speed!I’ve been in training this week. Not much time to chat on the blog-o.


  4. mr. slim says:

    I rock the block!


  5. Mama PC says:

    aha! now we know who Mr. Slim is!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    mr slim stays up laterocks blockhmmm


  7. mr. slim says:

    I rock the block,Wear white socks,Like the talk,I often balk.


  8. Anonymous says:

    maybe mr. slim is little richie.little richie rocks the block.


  9. mr. slim says:

    Since u ppl r n such a sad sad state, and need help 2 figure out who I b, my name will sometimes b linked 2 website that may give you a hint.


  10. Ok…………missed AI two night in a row…….DADGUMMIT……….Anyone want to tell me or make a click here spot so I can see the best or worst or anything?Do we still have another week or did last night make the absolute Winner?I know that Jess watched it last night so it is kewl to blog about it.I apparently am the only person in the world who missed it…….


  11. Happy says:

    no i missed it too.i heard that the guy we like was more awesome than ever and that randy stood up for the first time this season when he sang.


  12. Mama PC says:

    mr. slim – no linkage…but i still know who you bee


  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr SlimYou need to give us some sane type of hints. We are going to lose interest in your little game-G


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