Man… yesterday, the drive seemed a heck of a lot longer than last time… I guess it was still around 10 hours. Seemed like a ju-jillion. We’re home now, and I love this little house. Time for lunch and a haircut. Please.


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  1. supern8 says:

    welcome hom…I mean back to that house you live in in another state. Have Jose call me.


  2. Mama PC says:

    whose hair are you going to cut?


  3. Anonymous says:

    how does mama pc have time 4 bloggin when there’s a wedding so nearsuper mama i guess


  4. Mama PC says:

    some times ya gotta just plain sit down and vegetate…who’s askin’???we’ve to wedding paraphenalia all over the downstairs, although i’m trying to keep it contained to the back half of the house….so much still to do…. and still working full time+ …. linds and brian are staying busy doing what they find important 🙂 jess, you gettin’ a hay cut?see you next week!


  5. what a sweet little gentleman! He looks like he is preparing to read a poem he wrote for his mommy—-What a sweet Mr Man!Mama PC—blogging = unwindingThese kids sometimes don’t get it—My eyes need healing—so I haven’t blogged much — and quite a bit of sanctuary preparation taking any down time. But I have missed you bloggaroonees and Tobias cuteness could not be ignored!Happy Tuesday!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


  7. Happy Wedding Planning and Happy Tuesday!


  8. Anonymous says:

    anonomi is askingyuk yuk yuk


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