tables and eyes and whatnot

This is the new table… I really like it, except for the flowers. I figured they would come off via Magic Eraser, but no. This table is, to put it in car dealer vernacular, pre-owned. So it has some chips and scuffs and scratches… I toyed with the idea of sanding and re-staining, but really… we paid 60 bucks for a table and 5 chairs. Good enough.
It’s actually very soothing to me to be able to sit at the table, all 5 of us in one place. We’ve only been able to do that at restaurants before… feels very family-ish.
Thank you, Jesus and Craigslist.

In other news, we are considering getting a scleral shell for R2. Wot’s this? you say… make ‘im a turtle and such? Uh, no. It’s a mix between a false eye and a contact lens. A shell that fits over the disfigured eye, that is painted to match his good eye. We actually meet the ocularist next Wednesday. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it brings up issues… like, how traumatic is the process… weeks of wearing a “conformer” to shape the eyelid, and then putting in the lens and having to take it out at night and clean it… for someone who might not even comprehend all this.

Gut-level though, I want this for him. I HATE it when kids are scared of him at the playground, or say mean things. And that happens a lot. He doesn’t seem to be aware of it, but surely at some point he will… and Toby will, soon.

And he’s such a handsome kid. I would love him to look whole. So is this about me? I hope not. We’ll meet the doc, talk about it… learn the pros and cons and see if this works for us. I hope it does.

16 thoughts on “tables and eyes and whatnot

  1. The lens is because he actually has an eye it is just small…..right?Cannot consider an artificial eye because those are for peeps with absolutely no eye? Is this correct?


  2. Have any extra twin size sheets or baby clothes you would like to donate to the Orphanage in MexicoEmail or call Viking Granny


  3. Anonymous says:

    You can also request a copy of the entire list of needs if you are interested…


  4. Jess says:

    that is correct, VKG. They’ll put the shell on top of his itty-bitty eye


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a good idea, especially if kids are saying mean things or are afraid of him. As long as it is comfortable for him.-g


  6. I concur with G.What’s the cost, if you don’t mind?


  7. Jess says:

    Insurance covers it. Normally it would range from $2000-7000 for a complete artifcial eye… not sure what the breakdown would be for the shell


  8. BTW-I love your table…..decopauged and all….I know I know I spell great!What about…..just chillin and enjoying the table…? Then when you bring it back to TEXAS we can all pitch in and sand it and restain it together. I like doing that kind of stuff and so does Stephanie, between diaper changes.I bet Leah is one of those too…huh? What about you G?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Does the color of the flowers match the color of the grapes in the wallpaper and in your plastic bag holder?


  10. jennifer says:

    I say take the cheap route and by a table cloth! Although you can probably take a little steel wool and get the paint off and then go over the top with some furniture oil and it would take care of the scratches.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I love it like it is. Take it to Texas and trade with me. Oh yeah mine is too small. I love those little flowers anyway.-GPs. Staining is one of those things that make me crazy. I find there are much more fun things to do, like dishes, or cleaning the bathroom.


  12. A table cloth with wee ones around may not be the best idea, unless you like the adventure that your dinner could hit the floor at any moment.


  13. You could cover the flowers with…A big Radiant logoorA big Texas stateorA beautiful picture of me


  14. Anonymous says:

    a photo of josh would be an ideal cover-uphow nice


  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes it is 93 degrees in Conroe…I know I know……..I am so HOT!


  16. Jess says:

    74 degrees here… we might have to use the AC today:)


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