Peck of pickled peppers

Some of you will recognize this outfit… worn by another guitar player 29 years ago or so…

We’re leaving momentarily for the ocularist… he will evaluate R2’s eye and give us the info on an ocular prosthetic, scleral shell, whateva… I’m very curious about the whole process.

And now I will speak of pickles. I wrote an email to VKG requesting that she bring a particular kind of pickles with her when she visits… (polski wyrobi, for the pickle enthusiast).

Evidently this raised the alarm among the hens… my fertility was bandied about. The answer is no. They just happen not to sell those pickles here… Sheesh.

I was raised on polski wyrobi, a spicy whole pickle, which my dad and I would loudly crunch with a big bowl of popcorn and a cold glass of milk. I don’t know why, and I didn’t ask questions, because it was GOOD.

In recent times, they have quit calling them that. Probably some Polski had it up to HERE, I don’t know. So I went on a google expedition and found they are now called Kosher Dills. Uh, yeah. Cause THAT’S the same.

Bought some kosher dill spears yesterday… close. Unfortunately, spears are soggy and slimy. My quest continues.

You are now free to carry on with your lives.


14 thoughts on “Peck of pickled peppers

  1. Stephanie says:

    She is so stink’en beautiful!


  2. Shannon2-24 says:

    cutie brynnkosher dill are yumI found some with no Yellow #, which equals chemical.The brand is Private Selection.They have baby size whole.mild orjalepeno- called ‘Baby Baby’ !! I haven’t tried it yet.. probably later today. : D


  3. What would you think if you were in a car full of 50ish women……..and your daughter in law texts you to request pickles be stashed in your check in luggage?Brynn is a beauty……….she looks like a natural with the guitar already….


  4. Anonymous says:

    I just noticed the other day that there were no polski wyrobis. What is up with this I ask you. I ended up buying a smaller version called spicy something or other polish dills. It’s not the same and I am on the warpath over the Kraft mayo being changed into something very non chemical for major weenies somewhere but as for my house we are MAD. I mean as major Kraft real mayo consumers we don’t like this weenie stuff AT ALL. I told the HEB mgr and am probably going to e-mail or call Kraft. I mean it wasn’t broke it tasted great and now they have managed to mess it up.I really can’t discuss this further, it is just too emotional for me, sob.I don’t like toilets that don’t flush or light bulbs that don’t light up stuff either. Is this America or the Ukraine? I said I wasn’t going to talk about it so i’m not, I will take a little break and have a diet coke and some twinkies.Mama


  5. Anonymous says:

    Nothing personal Shannon.


  6. OK, ladies… no cat fight over pickles! Brynn is very cute!I posted pictures and a description of our home that we closed on last week. Check ‘em


  7. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Josh and Shannon! I am so proud for you. That will be one beautiful little girl! Also blessings for your new home.Mama


  8. Anonymous says:

    Jess, I would like a picture of Bean in her little blue outfit! 🙂 Since you are actively taking tons and tons of pics, I thought I’d squeeze in my request! I’ll be thinking about you guys tomorrow and keeping you (always) in my prayer. Tammy


  9. Shannon2-24 says:

    non-chemical eaters.. they’re the strong ones.. no longer in ignorance of the uncaring/untesting scientists.; )


  10. bethc- I replied to you on my blog about the house. See the comments.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Bats are dumb………..


  12. batboy says:

    bats could EAT you. Or at least nibble you… really hard


  13. Anonymous says:

    boiled bats with dumplingsa great treatbetter than chickenyum


  14. Thanks, Mama. She should be one cute girl… almost as cute as Brynn.Blessings on your health!


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