Fridee update

The first day went well… the teachers send home a note every day- isn’t that amazing? I was wondering how I would ever know what happened, since Richy’s pretty much non-verbal.

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The nurse called me at 3, which gave me a heart attack… he had a rash on his neck. (probably from the Wal-mart starch in his shirt collar. I know, old-timers, I should wash the shirt before he wears it) I asked if I should come get him and she was sort of alarmed. Well, shoot! I don’t know how these things work. I guess they just have to tell me anytime the nurse gives him anything, like hydrocortizone cream.
Interesting, though, evidently the nurse does an assesment of the special needs kids every day- that’s cool!

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The note made me feel so much better. 🙂 He got fruit snacks instead of grapes today… little twerp.

The babies and I had a very good day… they did their normal play/eat/fight routines and Toby asked where Richy was about three times, but I only teared up the first time. Then they took a nap and it was so weird… the house was SO quiet. I cleaned a little, and laid down for a while, just at a loss a little. Today, I think I will take a nap too.

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Daddy has been in Michigan since Tuesday. Toby asks where he is at every meal and every time we get in the car. Last night we went to a Parent thing at the school, and Toby thought we were picking up R1. I explained it to Toby, but R2 didn’t get the memo… as we walked down the sidewalk, he was jumping and singing a little “We’re gonna go see dad-eee” song. (Sorry to kill you, Richy- but hey! at least they miss you!)

In political news, it was a pretty good speech last night from Ol’ Johnny boy. He was being awfully moderate in the middle and I was getting a little disgruntled… but he brought it home at the end with the war stuff. Fight! Fight! Fight!

(I watched Letterman’s monologue last night, as I sometimes do when the MOG is AWOL. Hilarious observation from him about Palin… he said McCain may have made TOO good of a pick, leaving conservatives confused about who they want headlining the ticket… so true)


13 thoughts on “Fridee update

  1. That is so cool that they send a little note home everyday. It’s like always getting something in the mail! (Which I always look forward to) I know you might not be able to remember what to do when your house is quiet, so let me remind you.Sleep. Sleep alot. Or eat chocolate. 🙂


  2. Jess says:

    Oh yeah, chocolate!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t read the note except it looks like his mood was happy. Makes a grandma’s day!I am so glad they do that. It will be such a relief to you. love you so much, mama


  4. Josharoo says:

    Cool.What are did he do?


  5. Josharoo says:

    um… that would be What ART did he do?


  6. BethC says:

    i cried when you described the long walk back to the van, with the lite, sounds like such perfect timing for r2 to in school.i can still remember bobby”s first day at school.btwhappy 24th! to him


  7. BethC says:

    how many guys have “grocery cart” accidents/stunts stories?All 3 of my sons have theirs.Chris’s should be on youtube by this weekend. if you see him, you will see how his story goes.


  8. BethC says:

    what’s the status on mere/jere’s progress


  9. Josharoo says:

    Mere had contractions Wednesday afternoon and evening. They stopped and she didn’t have any Thurday. We haven’t talked to them today, but haven’t gotten any text from them either, so I assume nothing has started again.


  10. BethC says:

    you know what they say about bored people….even anonsH cat4 Ike is heading into the gulf in the next few days; TS Hanna made it to the east coast


  11. Jess says:

    Hey! Is that snarky anon? Where have YOU been? No wonder it’s boring!


  12. Meredith is due the 24th I think…She still looks mighty pregnant….Mama… took me a while too….you can click on the note and it opens up to be big enough for grammas and bedstes to read…


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