on recreation

I will be 30 in 16 days. No, I don’t think you understand. THIRTY. I gotta… do something. I need a tattoo. Or another baby… or something. THIRTY. Holy crud.

In other news, I may have gotten my second wind on this solo thing. I’m doing okay today, and even yesterday with the puking. I am still trying to think of something to do. Parks are a no-go, with Toby being all kamikaze- we need two adults. And McDonald’s Playplaces are great for both babies, but you can’t really eat out every day. Oh, try to just get a drink there or something? Let me introduce you to Toby. 

There is this Resource Center here that’s a community deal. They have a play area and so on. Problem: it’s through this group called Parents as Teachers. 
I’ll tell you the story. So it’s billed as these play-instructors who come to your house, bring gifts and books and play with your kids and check out their development and such. I signed up, in an effort to not get reported to CPS or some such entity. 
When the lady got here she was immediately all parental with me, which really does not work with me AT all. 
I expect respect from teachers and such. As in, “hey! you know 

your kids best and here’s some ideas we recommend but we’re sure you already know this stuff”.  
NOT “well, actually, we promote something called positive reinforcement. Even if little Junior 
here is jumping on the bed and juggling butcher knives, we don’t use the “no” word. Children don’t learn that way.” Snooty. 

And so in my head I’m like MALARKEY and she is putting the pressure on pretty sternly about 
getting little Toby here in preschool in December and I’m like OH heck no and so on. I put on my polite “you’re full of it” face and nodded and smiled her on out of my house. 
Anyways, I hesitate to use their playground, lest the Parenting Gestapo feel the need to come educate me. Sorry, pet peeve. For reals.
Blah blah, right? Sheesh. Thirty years old.

14 thoughts on “on recreation

  1. supern8 says:

    Old maid. Ooooh, burn…


  2. misskerri says:

    30 wasn’t hard… now 31, that’s a horse of a totally different color spectrum..I’m just sayin…


  3. Josharoo says:

    Crazy Parenting Gestapo. I’ve been hearing person after person recently talk about their grandkid getting into preschool at 3 years, one even at 2. I’m thinking 1) why? 2) why? 3) why?30 is the new 20 (at least that what I’ve been telling myself for two months now)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thirty is really bad for the children of hippies. Hippies think that no one over thirty can be trusted. I cried and screamed and I think I called Mom some real mean names. I didn’t know what was wrong, but Mom recognized the hippie over the hill syndrome. I decided after that that I wasn’t going to do that anymore, no fun. 40 was just fine. Just don’t think about your hair falling out and other stuff making noises it didn’t used to-G


  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s too bad that when someone is interested in your kids that you have to distrust them.They always seem to have some kind of weird agenda or plan to pull out on unsuspecting parents.-G


  6. Josharoo says:

    Eva sure has been traveling a lot lately (saw tweet this AM that she was at airport). What is she doing for green backs these days?—–Also, I’ve been feeling really negative today. (click link)


  7. Anonymous says:

    All of it is great!The thirties are really a time of real achievement and fulfillment. Enjoy them and look forward to some even better decades. Actually i think, now that I am in my 60’s that it has never been better. It’s all in your thinking! Mama


  8. Anonymous says:

    well i am going to be 30 in 15days!!!! and loving it. but that means i’ll be 40 when annabelle turns ten! and that is wierd. and what of any other future kids… 55 when a kid turns 18? my dad is just now 55. yikes.


  9. Jess says:

    josharoo- she’s got an inside at Delta…


  10. jennifer says:

    I will be 33 in 8 days, you will survive! 30 was a little hard for me allthough I tried to pretend it wasn’t. I probably would of been ok if I had not been going through a divorce. It is one thing to turn 30. It is another thing to turn 30 and realize you are starting all over. Kind of scary.


  11. jennifer says:

    I know when I turned 30 my dad said it made him feel old. I am the youngest. So realizing all his kids where 30 or older was a little much I guess.


  12. Josharoo says:

    Jess- When the CPS wannabe said, “we don’t use the “no” word,” you should have responded, “Actually, I usually don’t use the “no” word, I usually use a 3 inch genuine leather belt!” And then gritted you teeth at her. She would’ve had a heart attach right there, then you wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore.


  13. Anonymous says:

    heyis vkg dating a dozer man????


  14. Anonymous says:

    SHEESH JESS! UR GETTIN KINDA CRABBY IN UR “OLD AGE”!lol that poor new age educator tryin to help you by domination n u couldnt take a little advice!!!hahaha!


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