she said he said he said

Today, we will be driving over to the Election Board and putting in our absentee votes. McCain, y’all. Missouri is a swing state, and maybe we’ll swing it! Of course, we also have massive and widespread voter fraud here in Missouri, and even Kansas City, more specifically. Maybe I should vote a couple of times.

Then it’s back home to pack and get ready for the long drive to Tejas tomorrow. We will be leaving at 6 am. Now, this is a curious thing. Over the 10 months we’ve been here, I have requested on each Texas trip that we leave early, as to not arrive when the day is already over. I have had this petition denied, every time.

See, but Daniel lives here now. So he and I had a little convo and found we saw eye-to-eye on the whole arriving during daylight idea. Also, since Daniel exists almost solely as a result of coffee, he is not intimidated by an early start. So I says to him, I says, “You pitch the idea to Richy.”

Over lunch he mentions to Richy, “I’d like to leave at 6 am tomorrow.”
Richy, with a mouthful of stew, “Okay.”

What is this male-speak? And why don’t it work fer me?

Regardless, we will be in Texas tomorrow evening. And I’m pretty stoked.


19 thoughts on “she said he said he said

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know this is old stuff, but I think it bears listing in your glossary of sorts.FirstlsatNorth moss rock- a petrified piece of earth covered in old green fungus facing the direction of Willis ( Where some really great people live)-G


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I meant frist._G


  3. Josharoo says:

    It is spelt perimenopausalGet it Right!


  4. Jess says:

    says the guy who went and googled it…


  5. Josharoo says:

    I did not google it….I’ed it…


  6. Mama PC says:

    it’s raining and drizzly and sleepy-ish here…time for jammies, hot coocoa and HGTV – then debate


  7. Anonymous says:

    Whoa!What a daring accusation! And from someone who is hiding behind the anon tag!perimenopausal- a man who pauses to think should I reveal the fact that I am who I am, or should I continue to insist that my existence is merely perennial.-GOr do I really want to get thrown off the Christmas present list?


  8. Shannon2-24 says:

    Thinking of Valerie & baby.Josh~ spelled not speltI know.. bummer, just when you're correcting another word.


  9. Jess says:

    oh, daaaaaaaang… josh got schooled


  10. Jess says:

    John Allen (Houston, TX) wroteat 8:36pmshe had to go to st. luke’s in downtown overnight and we stayed all day to find out that we have a nearly perfectly healthy baby GIRL!! THANK YOU God!the baby’s belly is filled about a third of the way with fluid. the cause and the solution are unknown as of yet. i came back home at about 8 to go to work tomorrow, but my mom is up there and she might need more people to go visit her, just ask for our numbers if you wanna try, but she may be out of there by friday night, not for sure of anything yet.We just know that God has complete control over Serenity Renee Allen’s body and spirit, and we are believing for quick healing!They know that the heart is perfectly shaped, but because of the oversized belly she has a small chest. Her bowel seems to be matted down and not floating around like it needs to be on the ultrasound.An MRI soon should show us how to handle the fluid in the belly, but for now she rests in downtown houston.More updates will follow


  11. Shannon2-24 says:

    Thank you for the update.Pretty name for their girl.


  12. Josharoo says:

    Praise the Lord for the good news!Praying for even better news, with more hearling!And yes, I did get schooled. You caint spel a sngle wurd rong aroun hear… allways geting currected.


  13. Anonymous says:

    till me bowt id. i thawt id wuz jist a gerl thang but Josh pruved thet rong. I giss that iz why id iz cawld men-opause


  14. supern8 says:

    G-Are you geographically challenged? Our butt faces Willis!


  15. Josharoo says:

    Before Radiant books their next west coast tour, they must consult with me first. The CA stops are less than a week before Shannon’s due date, so that axes the possibility of planning a road trip.


  16. supern8 says:

    No it doesn’t. One of my best friends went to Spain with me two weeks before his first son was born. Everything worked out fine: we had fun doing ministry and then his son was born when he got back. Now, they have been in marriage counseling every since, but really his wife just needs to get over it.


  17. Josharoo says:

    Wow Nate, what an encouraging story…Really, we would both LOVE to come see you, but 1) Your most northern date is really only 4 days before due date2) Keith was born 3 days before due3) Planning a home birth and being caught 13 hours from home when it happens don’t mix well


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