of haircuts and acceptance

I have a sickness when it comes to my hair. I can’t leave it alone. I want it shorter, longer, darker, lighter, chunkier, thinner, maybe a few pink streaks… red, brown, blonde, etc.

One time I was talking to the good ol’ MOG about getting a haircut. He said, “I know it’s hard for you because you’ve had this hair for several months.” So true.
Anyways, I have been warring with myself about getting it cut off, since I have bleached the holy santos out of it and it looks really fried. 
So I found a picture in a magazine and then, when the babies fell asleep, I abandoned them to my mom and took off to Great Clips. 
“My Heck!” you cry. “Why Great Clips?” Budgetary constraints. I can’t afford the dollars at a real salon, or the couple of do-overs and time I would get at the beauty school. Normally, I am down for a beauty school experiment. But I fly to Arizona on Thursday, and tomorrow is booked, what with grandmother drop-offs and pickups at the airport, and parent-teacher meetings. So I’d have to have it done right today, and the odds are low. 
Anyways, again. Off to Great Clips where the little snippet reluctantly agreed to cut my hair, despite having problems at home with her baby daddy. I showed her the picture, and initially she was agreeable. 
As time wore on she realized how plastic the back of my hair is from all the bleaching, and began offering subtly snide suggestions, like, you might as well just let your natural color grow out because this(holding up a strawlike clump)… and such. 
She looked a lot like Jamie Lynn Spears, if you read anything in the checkout line… I had to keep reminding myself that her name was not Jamie. 
Haircut 1 was not so great, so I found a different picture, which pleased Jamie Jenna, as it allowed her to make big chopping motions and ugly faces as she took off several more inches. 
So here I am. Ever since I stopped letting my friends cut my hair, I never like it much. I mean, I’ll put some stuff in it and a little barrette and we’ll get by… but man. I need my African pal to fly over and do some work. Some maroon streaks and a little texture and what-not. (Sigh)
Oh, and I tipped her more than usual, since she did two cuts, technically. For some reason, this seemed to annoy her. Pesky customers.

10 thoughts on “of haircuts and acceptance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Uh… Photograph? …. – $E


  2. Jess says:

    I didn’t put one because of you. But you will love it, in person. And fixed. If you squint.


  3. Anonymous says:

    photo is a mustor i cannot comment anymorei must see what i am blogging tohe he


  4. BethC says:

    I realize that I don’t get my hair cut very often because I’m not sure what I really want. I have spent years thinking if I found a really talented hair dresser, they would know what I really want. Speaking of great clips, Angela in Conroe is still the best, and cheap!“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.” — Ben Stein


  5. Jennifer J says:

    I can’t imagine the cut that would diminish your loveliness, am sorry for the snarky hair cut girl and I sympathize with the lack of dinero for a proper salon. Heck, my last salon haircut came courtesy of my husbands FIRST paying photography gig. I was practically waiting at the door to take the $$ when he got home. He’s a good man. When I am rich, we’ll go get cut and colored at the nicest place we can find.


  6. isabelle says:

    I’ll cut it for you next time if you trust me!!!


  7. Josharoo says:

    What about your friend from Washington flying in to cut your hair? Why is it only your friend in Africa? I won’t charge you a dime. The pleasure would be all mine. hee hee hee


  8. Anonymous says:

    i’ll cut it toowhat fun we would havesnip snipcut cutwahoooooooa total new lookand i wont be snarky


  9. Isabelle–what a great picture–looks like she is daring Jess to TRUST her !!!


  10. i hope you’ll be back or still in texas in a few weeks as i am trying desperately to get there in order to cut your hair! sometime before nov 16 or after, but not the day of…. i mean while i’m there cutting your hair, i should probably take a day and go to my new brother’s wedding BUT! first things first of course! your locks! so please save some straw for me to work my magic fingers on, gracias.LOTS OF LOVE!pal


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