CLICK FOR Radiant Worship Video Podcast EP3

The following is a blog hijack… Click the link above to view the latest video podcast from this last tour. Once Jess returns from her monthly work out, she will delete this text.. and write her own.. and I assume, be gracious to include a link to our latest episode. That is all for now! Richy “blog hijacker” Clark


wow. MULTIPLE offenses here. I will list them for you
• hijacking my blog. maybe I will change my passwords…

• linking in the title instead of embedding the video….

• “monthly workout”. hmph. Maybe today is the beginning of a beautiful new tradition of working out multiple times in ONE month.

On the plus side, no misspellings.

Oh, and you should know I am looking so cute in my thrift store velour jogging suit. Like a MOM, y’all.


5 thoughts on “CLICK FOR Radiant Worship Video Podcast EP3

  1. Josharoo says:

    And The Name Is… See my blog…


  2. supern8 says:

    Really? Odd choice, but very “pop-culture” I guess. So, two middle names? …or what?


  3. Jess says:

    SeeMyBlog Peterson, nice


  4. Josharoo says:

    HAHA! Jess- added pronunciation to my post. It’s MEER-ah. The sound of dear or hear.


  5. Anonymous says:

    seemyblog is an unusual choicequite uniqueno one else in school would have that namewould you use a nicknameseemybloglog???????????????????????????


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