the reason why I’m lame

I really love my blog. I love thinking of things to write, and then finding the time to type them… I love comments a lot. It is difficult sometimes to actually coordinate 1)awake brain 2)something to say 3)at home 4)nobody screaming or hitting their sibling in the head with drumsticks and/or standing on top of the counter eating peanut butter out of the jar with their fingers

Like for example, in the 30 seconds it took me to type that, Toby and Bean have emptied all of the new expensive wipes out onto the floor and were busy cleaning the hardwood floor.

ANyways, the point is, I really want to write more meaningful stuff than just slapping up an update so my mom and sisters are not concerned that I am pregnant and/or depressed. So there you go.

Along with wanting to write meaningfully, I want to clean out the garage, find a place to live in Texas, and watch the webisode of Jon and Kate plus 8 from last night where they renewed their vows and it looked SO romantic.

I also want to finish some more Clarkives. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t updated those in months.

But for today, more filler.


22 thoughts on “the reason why I’m lame

  1. You are not lame. I love you and will comment on your blog anytime you need me to honey! 🙂 – Richy


  2. jennifer says:

    I only saw the end after the wedding, and then when they reran it I cought the first 15 minutes. Maybe I will able to watch the whole thing soon and see the wedding. Have you seen that other new show Twins, Twins, Sextuplets? I also like the pentecostal family show 17 and Counting.


  3. jennifer says:

    I watch all these shows and sometimes I think I am glad I am done having kids. But deep down I think I am disapointed that we wont have anymore babies. Trinity has been such a good baby. She is so easy. Makes me think I could have done this again. But Matt and my family would have disowned me.


  4. jennifer says:

    Ohh and I agree with Richy you are definately not lame. I think you make even your quick updates witty. Who knows what you could do if you had enough sleep and some free time!


  5. katw0man says:

    hi jess! taking a break from the ennui of my office just to break in and say hi. i tried to look up if you saw me a couple of days after the election when i finally got all set up and found my little katwoman face and found the courage to come on in to your ever so cool blog! how are you guys?


  6. katw0man says:

    i almost forgot how! then i lost my daytimer for 8 days and just found it under some junk mail which is ever overflowing in my dirty little office.


  7. katw0man says:

    i keep all my passwoods in daytimes. it is my brain.just to clarify……


  8. Anonymous says:

    i have not noticed jess limpingso i would say you are not lame


  9. I love Jon and Kate plus 8!!! I get to see it ever once in a while!! I can’t imagine having 6 kids all at the same time!! Its crazy!!


  10. Anonymous says:

    It is good that you are still not pregnant or depressed.-G


  11. Anonymous says:

    Im not pregnant either-G


  12. Jess says:

    Hey everybody. I think Georgia is depressed.


  13. Josharoo says:

    Georgia sounded depressed when she said that.


  14. Jess says:

    I know, right? Maybe she should get pregnant.


  15. Josharoo says:

    But before she can get pregnant, she has to get off the neth.


  16. Maybe G should get off of all the anit depressants before she decides to have another child. Toddler Triplets are tough enough without all the pregnancy crapola…….


  17. Anonymous says:

    you’re totally not lame. happy


  18. katw0man says:

    ok, so where is georgia? is she anonymous? if so, WHY? come out come out wherever you are!


  19. Anonymous says:

    to G. Well, honey it will be wonderful for you to have a baby at this time of life. It will bring excitement into yours and Mike’s life. Just think… little cries in the night… afew teeny smelly diapers… teething.. all to brighten up your uh.. later years. maybe twins again! Yes! mama


  20. Anonymous says:

    Mom. I have a -job.-G


  21. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I am not pregnant or depressed. If yall remember I had a set of blog triplets several years ago. They have been enough for me. I live through them vicariously. It has been hard.But as for starting rumors, I think that Bedste is looking a little like pickles and ice cream these days.Pick on her.-GKat,I am anon because I don’t have the time to fix my blog id.


  22. That’s exactly how I feel right now! I want to write something that actually says something, but it ends up being just normal updates and random things that aren’t very earth-shattering…


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