Radiant on the road, part four!!

I especially like this one, since I appear momentarily. I don’t get much camera time, for some reason. It’s probably because I don’t play an instrument… or, I’m obnoxious. Hmm.

So, today I am thinking about working out again, and then cleaning like a madwoman… actually, a madwoman would probably just shred things and throw everything around. I guess it depends on the type of madness. I will clean like a motivated cleanliness obsessed disturbed woman. My hope is that my house will then look clean.


7 thoughts on “Radiant on the road, part four!!

  1. Josharoo says:

    Guess I should finally go and watch part 3 before I watch this one. I’ll report when I’ve completed the assignment.


  2. Dang it. I KNEW IT.. no one is watching these. My life is ruined. – Richy


  3. No One says:

    You seem upset that No One is watching. What did I do to you?


  4. katw0man says:

    you’ve only just begun….to live!maybe one day someOne will comment. i need a stress relief……is anyOne out there?i can relate, jess, to the madwoman part. i’m there right now too. wishing Mr. Clean would come on in and sweeeep me off my feet…….oh, well, we can always dream, right?


  5. That video especially reminded me of Rad Rev a couple of years ago in The Woodlands!!! I’ve enjoyed watching the road trips!! Thanks for posting them!!!There is new news for these Petes ~ check my blog for the details ~ mommymerepete.blogspot.com


  6. I love all the Digital Podcasts Honey! They are all great!The first one is still my favorite…ABBY Road theme and all…I did not know what to think of Nate’s part in number four when I watched it with MnM…Tonight I watched the entire thing again with Rob and Steph and they were cracking up….so now I got it.


  7. I like Chinese tea cups


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