house surfing

So, once again I am searching for a house. I need a big house. I want a mansion, actually. I love those houses in books, with like, 17 bedrooms and wings and servant’s quarters. That’s what I want, for cheap. Realistic, no?

For the next month or two, we’ll be staying here, in this 3 bedroom… while we look. When we moved in, there were 5 of us. As of January, thanks to the welcome addition of 2 radiants, we will be 7. And then I want to start our adoption process… we need more room!

So, I look. There are actually lots of 4 bedrooms with basements in our price range… thank you, midwest. Unfortunately, they are all far from where we need to be, or seriously scary.

Surely there is some 100 year old house with hardwood floors and a jillion bedrooms that just needs a little tlc. It would be easier to buy, probably. But we don’t want to buy…. we are too mobile to be stuck with a house.

Oh, and maybe you want to see the cuteness of the school picture. I thought so.


27 thoughts on “house surfing

  1. jennifer says:

    Hey you never know what you can get if you ask God! Our friend Shirley Arnold has a mansion in Florida. When they first moved there she wanted a place as a retreat for other pastors. They bought if for really cheap because it had been seased fro drug lords!


  2. Shannon2-24 says:

    Gorgeous house– I’d like living in a brick home with the center as a large circle entrance!I hope you find what505+6zx will work!! (Keith added some there)What is Squozen? If you freeze something, it’s been frozen, so if you squeeze something, it’s been squozen!So be sure that at the end of the day, your family has been squozen by you!!


  3. katw0man says:

    only problem with the old rickety is the price of electric with all the holes etc. your bill would be too high and i know it is cold!just a thought………out


  4. katw0man says:

    oh, and His Cuteness is just too precious for words!


  5. Shannon2-24 says:

    Josh, lets find some local drug lords.. pray & talk with them.. turn 'em in.. put up a bid.. ha ha


  6. katw0man says:

    it would be fun to be able to draw the home of our dreams, huh?for now, i’ll just live here in my own little forest with my beautiful kitchen and make things,i am actually very content. just the leaves are laying on the driveway and give the grounds a very disorderly appearance…..


  7. Jess says:

    I could probably find some drug lords… maybe Craigslist…


  8. Anonymous says:

    The cutest special little guy ever!Mama


  9. Anonymous says:

    Buy buy buy—-Kansas city –hellooooooWhen u need to travel you could have a MIL stay for a spell or rent it out to IHOP peeps or it could end up as part of your future ministry branches HellooooooooBuy!


  10. Anonymous says:

    HelloooooooooNo Brainer


  11. Josharoo says:

    I’m calling all my drug lord friends to see if they know of anyone under investigation that may be arrested soon, leaving a vacancy.Very cute pic of R2! Precious!We are expecting upto 6 inches of snow overnight and tomorrow. Gotta go get Keith some gloves tonight that his big hands will now fit into.


  12. Beth says:

    r2 looks like the sweetest handsomest kid in the world


  13. Josharoo says:

    Jess.What are your adoption plans as of now. Domestic or international? Age? Keeping the birth order and getting child younger than Brynn? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanna know.


  14. Josharoo says:

    maybe blog on it Monday


  15. Jess says:

    yeah, I meant to answer that. Right now we’re thinking young, domestic adoption, probably minority… we’re in the early early stages though…


  16. jennifer says:

    Photos with Santa!Tomorrow at the Father’s House from 1-4pm Free photoshot chocolatecookies candy canesBe there or you will turn into the grench!


  17. jennifer says:

    The previous was a public service announcement. I am sorry I forgot the disclaimer!


  18. supern8 says:

    St. Nicholas was neither pagan or myth.


  19. Jess says:

    maybe anon was talking about the Grinch…


  20. katw0man says:

    supern8 was right.more later out


  21. Mama PC says:

    kat, when did YOU join back in?i’ve been on a holiday from much online bloggingjess – trust in the Lord about the house – lean not to your own understanding – in all your ways acknowledge HIM – and HE will direction your pathsto buy or not to buy…. just trust and be patienti cannot! believe my second daughter is moving away from home too. i think my heart will be broken soon.the only thing that keeps me happy about it, is that she will be with you – so….please – keep her away from any persons who may kidnap her away from home foreverok,amen


  22. Shannon2-24 says:

    Mama PC~~ have a sweet day on Sunday!! (& one for me too)wink ; D


  23. Josharoo says:

    Since our temps will be in teens for several days, I just wrapped our exterior faucets in towels and rope for insulation… at 11:30 PM.Snow is falling like rain right now. Looks like we’ll wake to a winter wonderland. Joining the rest of the family in bed now.


  24. Anonymous says:

    HEY JESS!! It is TUESDAY hellloooooooooo. !!!Did u move already and forget to tell us?????HEY!!!!!AnonyMIL


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