I have reached a saturation point today. Evidently, I can only spend 2 full days indoors with toddlers before I lose it. Luckily, we escaped to McDonald’s and the children are unharmed, my sanity close to intact.

Now, after only minor screaming fits including being dragged by one arm with cowboy boots flailing through the icy parking lot, Toby is asleep. God ordained naps, and I love Him for it. I am going to the library. And if ONE person at the library does a somersault in my face or tells me they have poopoo on their fingers, I’m going to go all ninja on them. News at 10.


10 thoughts on “enough

  1. I have poopoo on my fingers. Help?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Jess! you are hysterical! And I def. feel your pain darlin! back in the day when i had 3 little ones nippin at my heel there were many a day i thought i'd go postal on the next person that asked anything of me!here's a suggestion, exercise! i know, not easy with little ones, butat least 3 nights a week i'd greet daddy at the door with a delicious dinner in 1 hand and as he was sniffing the delightful culinary aroma i'd deftly pass him the kiddos n off i'd scoot to the gym!LOL after a couple hours ofvigorous exercise n time to myaelf i was more than ready to return home to resume my "mommy" role!it was good bonding time for daddy & his kids as well, so give it a try!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Waaaa Haaa Haaa! Jess exercise! Waaaa Haaa! That’s so funny. Sooo funny -G


  4. katw0man says:

    poopoo on my hands.yuck.it was a boy, right?i don’t remember kitten doing that.but i had to clean up my little brothers’ poopoo for my mom all the time. but that was not as bad as barfbarf gets the award.


  5. Beth says:

    my niece has fingerpainted on the walls with it, so it isn’t limited to boys.


  6. katw0man says:

    yuckogrossohow analpardon the punjess, how was library yesterday?i have to go there myself to do some intercession researchbut i have a huge balance as i forgot about some books i had out.ouch,,,and double ouch.love youhow was tweet party?


  7. katw0man says:

    jess, would you like to be a product tester for me?uwouldgetfreestuffandsmellgoodalways.letmeknowandhannahwillbringstuff.


  8. Jess says:

    Sure, Kat! I like smelling good! We’ll be home from the 19th-26th


  9. katw0man says:

    uh….explain topographyof “home”.tip: not your IP address!!!!!:}out


  10. Jess says:

    home is where my mama is…


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