looking ahead

The last day of 2008… wow. Guess I should make some resolutions. I’m just gonna shoot for the fence….

• I will take down my Christmas tree in 2009.
• I will work out, at the YMCA in 2009.
• I will remain potty trained, even if I don’t add any of my offspring to the trained ranks.
• I will maintain my personal hygiene routine of showering and wearing the cleanest clothes from the floor. 

That oughta do it.

But for reals… I never keep resolutions, and yet there is something so appealing about a brand new year with no peanut butter smeared on it yet…

I want to spend time in prayer, every day this year. 2 hours in the house of prayer, early in the morning maybe.(May have to take up coffee to accomplish this one)

I want to adopt a baby this year.

I want to have a disciplined workout plan, 3 times a week.

I want to WRITE.

I want to move in, wherever “in” is. No more boxes of random things and books stored. Along with this one is my hope of learning some dadgum organizational skills.

All of these are part of waking up. I am waking up. Right now I am still a little groggy and reeling from my long sleep, and the fact that life has moved on and shifted while I was out.  

I want to live, now.


15 thoughts on “looking ahead

  1. pal–i love. :)hope ye are takin’ a good care o’ me hanberger…have thought of you when crying for my empty arms of little brian… go see my poem now :)pal–i love. 🙂


  2. katw0man says:

    hello my far away friendi so regret not eating tacos with you and the peanut butter gallery and the mog! i had your return dates all wrong, and i am so sorry!please send me address for care pkg!i TOTALLY know what you mean about the organizational stuff! i would be more organized but life gets in the way!the older i get the more i realize i can no longer claim multi tasking as a life skill!i know you will live life to it’s fullest this year. i can see it in you and your writing and feel it in your words! and i know you will make some wonderful little baby a really really really good mom! what color will he or she be?i used to dream about having one in every flavor…..red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight!!!!and regarding the hanberger….how is she? i miss her so much!!!!


  3. Mama PC says:

    i miss hanberger too… wahhhhh!believe it or not, i’m thinkin’ of adopting this year too! now, to get John-berger on board. i have this huge house, and empty arms too…so, we shall pray and consider and wonder – there are so many babies out there who need SOME ONE to love them.did you read about the town in east Texas or west Louisiana where a church decided that someone needed to adopt EVERY ONE of the kids in the foster system, so they DID IT! it was like 70-something kids adopted all into ONE CHURCH! wow!Let’s do this! it’s better than them living in unstable or less than ideal places or aborted…it’s a big dealbut someone’s gotta do itit’s a big dealsomeone’s gotta reach outwith wobbly armsgrab wobbly handsand pull them togetherinto a huge knotof family togethernessbelongingnessholding-ness and cuddly-nesspouring the love of the Fatheron each of His loved little oneseven when we don’t have it all togethereven when there’s not enough in this culture’s eyesThe Lord can stretch and improviseand make a tiny lunch feed the thousandsit just takes a willing oneto step past fearto walk past doubtto climb over obstaclesto create a link of loveand adopt a little lost onea gift from up above


  4. Yes and AMEN! I want to adopt too! Single and 100 years old and HORRIBLE w teenagers– If I am hearing the Lord correctly- I will be adopting in the future- but for now I am to be a conduit for many unwanted babies– maybe I will grow up a tad and get tighter w Lord b4 I am ever again responsible for a person who already knows everything…


  5. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with being old VKG. God said it is an honor to have gray hair.-G


  6. BethC says:

    when jess was a tot, she would sing “Jesus loves the little children….red and yellow black and white they are PURPLE in His sighteva, i sent you an email about something u might be interested


  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know about that remaining potty trained one. That has recently been a struggle for me, but it all depends.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of depends… Wal Mart has great prices on extra thin Depends. Do you care? It all depends…Do you wear? It all depends…Will I stop? It all… well, NO…


  9. katw0man says:

    wow.it’s been awhile since checkin’ in.i have always had dream to adopt like a bunch.but i let lack of finance stop mewhen i think of flying to china or thailand and fighting red tape and corruption etc etc etc.butred and yellow black and whitethey are precious in His sightbtw. i made it a goal to read the shackafter christmas.it is blowing my mindanyone else concur?


  10. Hey…….what happened to AFRICA blog…..on sidebar.??DadGum………just cuz it only gets updated once or twice a year……..Geeeeze


  11. katw0man says:

    whatzamattajessmelove?rufastingentertainment?ifsoiwillletyoualoneforawhile.butplease givmeyouraddressandpleasecheckmyblogiputsomethingwonderfulonthere!loveyou!


  12. Anonymous says:

    It all depends…


  13. OK Darlin it is 2009…….You can post already!You said you want to write so WRITE!:0)


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