Maybe you’re all on tenterhooks wondering “What, WHAT is the amazingly productive Jess® 2009 up to today?”

Well, if so, wait no longer… I’ll tell you. I was up before the crack o’ dawn off to the Prayer Room and then I came back and did kid stuff and went to the gym, where I did some really painful stuff my sister cooked up for me via text message. Then I came back home and did kid stuff and then I went to the thrift store and bought a file cabinet and to Walgreens and got R2’s meds and then I went to Kmart and bought a can of spray paint, for the file cabinet.

THEn I came home and did an extremely poor job painting my $7 file cabinet, and now I am not doing anything. Well. I am blogging. Later, I will bring my file cabinet in and play with it and make dinner and fall asleep in my soup.

The MOG asked me something today along the lines of will I stay like this, or is it only for a little while…. I don’t know. I would love to think that I just have energy now and I always will.

Then I flash back to my childhood… Mama and Daddy deciding that maybe we should make candles… and all the sudden we’re driving everywhere and checking out books from the library and testing wax and fragrances and you know, making macrame or what have you. And then, we’re not. Maybe we are checking out books on compost piles, or geodesic domes or something. My point is, maybe I am in the hereditary season of my life where I’m giving stuff a whirl. I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh, and thanks to Blogger’s awesomeness, I have been able to import all my posts from my old blog onto this one… you can look in the “Blog Archives” menu to look around…


22 thoughts on “Wheee

  1. Josharoo says:

    One BIG problem. The comments didn’t transfer from your old blog. Can they do that?


  2. Jess says:

    i think that’s some kinda glitch, because they did transfer on some… have to look into it.


  3. katw0man says:

    ouch,mama and daddy did thatthen they didn’touchi’ve spent too long on this.


  4. Hey when are we going to get more “the story of you” otherwise known as clarkives?


  5. Jess says:

    coming soon! maybe one this week…


  6. Anonymous says:

    Mama and Dad did that! And joyfully! We also took Jess along on most planning ventures. We were dreamers and builders and makers of candles and things but we didn’t mind kicking back with our popcorn, milk and pickles to rest and read… with babies of all sizes around and involved in the process. They were such good days!Mama


  7. katw0man says:

    pop cornmilkpicklesobviously y’all maxed out onthe main food groups.yellowwhite greenjoyfullythat is key!ok back to goals and strategies.i am so excited.i found a christian artist on the other blog i read yesterday, and she is a glass designer.we are going to exchange linkswhat an awesome co-incidence


  8. Anonymous says:

    You should try it Kat. Only use Polski Wyrobis exclusively and popcorn popped in a saucepan with butter poured on top with abandon and VERY cold milk. Then prop up your whole earth catalog and dream. Yes!Mama


  9. katw0man says:



  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s really me! And I would never make fun of you. I love you!


  11. Jess says:

    it is the stone cold truth and I need some Polsky Wyrobies…


  12. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Kat, Mama is telling the truth they had a real love for pickles and popcorn and milk all at the same time. The whole earth magazine just seem to fit in there nicely. Was a really gross clean up, but totally true.-G


  13. Anonymous says:

    The only difference between my childhood and Jess’s is that they DID make candles and sandles and move to colorado and other fun things.-G


  14. katw0man says:

    hallow, g!how art thou?i’m tired and will go 2 bedearly!love all you picked eatin’ guysin sandles!


  15. Josharoo says:

    Pickles, pop corn, and milk? I never knew… I never knew. It may have been better off that way…


  16. BethC says:

    the next feature needed on the blog is smellvision…for candles and pickles and whatnot


  17. Jess says:

    okay, evidently the archives will only publish comments from a certain date… they start at the end of August 2005


  18. Shannon2-24 says:

    yesterday I was thinking of buying a small file cabinet to organize my common items(we have a large one in the garage)plan to get double stroller this month also!! yay! easy walks to come..


  19. Beth says:

    shannon,what sort of “common items”?just curious


  20. Josharoo says:

    Shannon put a poll on right side of her blog. Go here to vote on what Meara’s first word will be. I wonder what all you woman will vote for.


  21. Anonymous says:

    wheeeeeeeeitis mondaynot fridaywheeeeeee


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