Had my break today. It is difficult to have 2 hours out of the house without spending $$. I ended up buying a hot chocolate and a muffin, and utilizing the comfiness of the booths at Panera. It was pretty good, I gotta tell you.

In other news, I am attempting lasagna today. And a batch of garlic bread in my breadmaker. (technically, Eva’s breadmaker. But she won’t ever see it again unless I get a new fancy one) I have failed on 3 loaves of bread in as many days. But this one looks like a keeper.

In other, other news, no news. Richy has been working on a recording project in the basement. It pays the bills, which is key… but it’s difficult to have a vocal booth and a Toby, simultaneously. He’s done with the recording part of it now, so the noise is back.

Not much for ya today, folks.


8 thoughts on “booooooring

  1. Cool!! Hope the dinner is good!!!My Jere landed a new job today!!! He will be working graveyard shift at a gas station and delivering pizzas at night!!!! He will start school in August so he can be a counselor ~ he wants a psych degree!! I’m so excited and proud of him!! Can’t wait to see how God works it all out!!


  2. supern8 says:

    misskerri-Send me an email at and we can dialogue about Radiant. We are planning an east coast tour for May!Nate


  3. anyone know of any GREAT resources that I might like to have as links for my JoyHouse website?I would like a link to the truth about abortions and what actually happens when you abort a child—–maybe even a link about what happens to the mother…..Post abortion depression etc..links to healthy pregnancies….bound 4 lifeAdoptive success story links….and of course the other two homes I know of in Texas…. Baby n Me (teenage mother empowering) and Breath of LIFE (maternity home in Austin)


  4. HEY JESS….. Don’t you love it when your blog temporarily becomes a message board for the WORLD?


  5. katw0man says:

    eva the deva,you must not have anyjet lag!wow, i am usually takes me a full2 weeks to recover fromtrans=pacific rim travel…..i am impressed with jessand her breadmaker.i used mine once.threw out the little rudder thatstirs the stuff with the moldy bread. then had to order more from the manufacturer.whataspacecadet!out


  6. Anonymous says:

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR MERE AND JERE! Lord, let this be the career that Jere has dreamed about.-G


  7. Anonymous says:

    VKG,Send me notes about the website, if you still want me to do it. -G


  8. supern8 says:

    KatUganda = pacific rim?


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