html nopqrs

So here’s the thing. I like poking around with HTML behind the scenes at the ol’ blog here. It’s another language, and I speak a little. Problem is, I only speak a little. Today I ran across some pre-made blog templates, and they tempt me so with their smoothness and sweet design. It would feel like cheating, though. I blog from scratch.

I cook from scratch too, mostly. I mean, I do use canned tomatoes and such… but I chop vegetables and mix up spices and so on. And I shudder at the thought of instant mashed potatoes. I ain’t hatin, understand. If that’s how you roll, then that’s how you roll. It’s just not how I was raised. There’s a lot of satisfaction in eating something that wasn’t made in a factory. Anyways, I digress.

So these sleek beautiful pre-made blogs call me, and I think I’m going to start stealing code and trying stuff. On other people’s blogs. I have too many tweaks on this one to mess with it.

Oh, that’s boring, you say? Fair-weather bloggers. Maybe you’d like it better if I just stuck with mocking my husband. All in good time, all in good time.


13 thoughts on “html nopqrs

  1. This cross I bear with joy – Richy


  2. Anonymous says:

    Husband mocking, html stealing… MY SISTER! Yeah!-G


  3. I love you to Richard!


  4. I love you to Richard!


  5. Hey Jess…..did you steal the JoyHouseBlog? OMG


  6. jess says:

    no, i don’t steal whole blogs. just code here and there.


  7. I love the Africa Blog…… Awesome!! You truly are my FAVORITE KC DIL!!!


  8. katw0man says:

    hey jess,since you are so snarkyand savvyand snappycan you tell me how to get thegreeen bar off my cassias blog?i am html-helpless. so i use the cutest blog on the block know,it’s kinda like dying your hair,!since you are so snarkythat is.can you tell me what’s wrong?love you!oh, and i finally got all my fragrances listed on my website justyesterdaya feat indeed. now i need to figure out how to subdivide themyesterday i called the help deskon chatsomeone answered right away but it took a whole hourand i ended up blogging, making lunch, billing customersall the while she was trying to figure out how to help me.okjust venting!jess,i admire you dabbling in all this. i am learning a little, is quitees t r e t c h i n g to say the least!love you!oh, and i did not know youmade your cute blog fromscratch! wow!


  9. katw0man says:

    oh, and, i put a really coolentry on my blog last week.the one before i postedon tuesday.check it is a place calledjqueryit might contain some usefulcode stuff!


  10. katw0man says:

    and i have not forgottenabout the tester detailnor the basket of goodiesi am MAKING myself stick tomy planto get website up and100% functional by March 1if it KILLS me,and in the middle times makingsamples for salesand then the tester, i am not flakyjust maxed out


  11. katw0man says:

    and then i am behindon taxes for batmanand it’s killing metrying to get caught uplike1099’s are due out thissundayand am i readyRIGHT!not for awhile yet….


  12. Anonymous says:

    kat has alot to say huh?


  13. katw0man says:

    YUPa combination of adhdand being alone most of the timethis is my comic reliefsorry!btw WHO exactly are you?i am thinking thevisadnorahs?


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