inspire meeeee

Richy is, as we speak, talking on the phone in the bathroom. Some things should be sacred, if you ask me. Nobody asked me.

I really would like to write something pithy and funny for you. I even have a funny little attitude, and I can tell that I could be in the zone, easily, like if Daniel was here for me to mock, or someone funny was talking to me. I guess I have blogger’s block. 

So here’s what we’re gonna do. I am going to take 5 suggestions for topics to blog on next week. 
Go ahead and throw me a bone. Submit the topic, or topics you would like me to expound upon, and I will choose whichever ones inspire my muse, OR if there are only 5, then I will choose those ones.

Ready, set, go!

15 thoughts on “inspire meeeee

  1. Lizards… why everyone should have one as a pet.


  2. katw0man says:

    ok, so……in lieu of your latestventureshtml for dummies?thanks for fixing my page!xxxoooxxxoxoxoxoas 4 mei am too tired to be funny rightnowor else i would attemptto inspire thee to wittybanter….but alassleep fled from once again lastnight…..


  3. BethC says:

    I think the lizards for pets is a hernandez post….blog suggestion:quotable movie quotes/memorable lines.maybe like name that movie


  4. Beth says:

    sometimes i have very funny thoughts, but i’m hesitant to share them because i don’t want to be guilty of degrading the ones i love to the ones who know them less well than i do. you seem very good at knowing the balance. maybe you could blog about that. also, rage put into poetry is always hilarious!


  5. Lizards …….everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask……. by Merinda


  6. You could write an open letter to the people of America about why Texas should (or should NOT, depending on how you feel about it all) be it’s own separate country.


  7. You could write the pros and cons of an older single woman adopting a child and being too attentive and the perfect parent… versus…. not adopting at all because she is TOO OLD


  8. katw0man says:

    eva the JOY ladyi bid thee notto think of thyselfas OLDER ladypa LEESE, already!Meditate on this…..when thou wilt live foreverand everand everand evermorewhat is a mere 45 to 50 years?Why Abraham was just gettingstarted at 90!so,what, pray tellis Older in light of thst?I RE FUSE to be thought ofas OLDDER


  9. katw0man says:

    thy thoughts keep theeyoung continuallyokout


  10. I love you to Mama KittyYour daughter told me that her email address is baby kitten or something like that….Thanks Kelly!


  11. CrystalD says:

    *Funny parental stories*Amusing child hood stories*What YOU would do if YOU were the first woman president.*Poem day!


  12. CrystalD says:

    kat woman: I hope i don’t live to be 90!!! I would rather get hit by a bus! I don’t ever want to get old!!!


  13. supern8 says:

    If you live to be 90, you most likely won’t ever die. Chew on that!


  14. JOY! says:

    poem day would be fun…….stories of first time efforts in kitchen would be fun.we could all contribute them….The first year of my marriage back in the early 1800’s I knew nothing….. so I fed myself and hubby canned ravioli or hamburger helper…….every single night!Then after babies were born we moved into an apartment and I became great friends with a woman who “mothered” me and taught me the basics…. and it has been all uphill from then.,


  15. CrystalD says:

    supern8: yeah yeah yeah…live till 90, jesus returns, i know i know.i have been trained too…


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