Going OUT

Today, I will not be posting some deep insight, for two reasons.
1. Nothing comes to mind
2. It is 70 degrees and we are getting out of this house.

That makes it a perfect opportunity for…. Ms. Smartypants!
Ms. Smartypants is your greatly helpful semi-annual advice columnist. Submit your entertaining questions of a general nature today through Monday, and Smarty will answer you on Monday sometime. Dig deep! You know you have an entertaining question in there somewhere.


15 thoughts on “Going OUT

  1. supern8 says:

    You guys should all come home next weekend for Nik and Adrian’s wedding…and go to the rodeo while you’re here!


  2. Shannon2-24 says:

    ms. smartypants,is it better to buy a house with a yard that will fill with falling pine needles or leaves?or perhaps a combination?please note: pine needles in WA may be larger and heavier than TX ones


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Smartypants,Can sleep talking be controlled? Maybe brought down to a minimum? Or is that what duct tape is for?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Who is that Phillip guy?


  5. Josh says:

    What is really inside of a black hole?


  6. How long before architects begin planning for double the amount of women bathrooms in all public facilities?


  7. When will we get tired of standing around and start speaking up and taking over the empty bathroom down the hall…..?


  8. I like the new look on this blog….gray and white is pretty…


  9. Shannon2-24 says:

    woo-hoo, i like gray and white swirls too!!you made this?? awesome.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Smartypants, How do you handle a whiny baby who won’t even let you go to the restroom at church? He screams when I give him to Beth so that she puts his face over the stall to look at me while I am in there? He just keeps screaming at me.Signed Frustrated in Cut n Shoot


  11. BethC says:

    this is for you jess,.N.C. Chairman Apologizes to Limbaugh in Flap Over His RoleThe new chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, apologized to Rush Limbaugh on Monday after describing him in a television interview over the weekend as an “entertainer” who made incendiary and sometimes ugly remarks, party officials said. Rush vs. The Radicalsby Gary BauerIn yesterday’s report, I noted that the dustup between Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party was a “coordinated” effort that clearly benefits the Left. Today, there is proof, and it is more evidence that this White House has embraced “the politics of personal destruction,” as best defined by the “godfather” of radical politics, Saul Alinsky. Limbaugh Benefits from Obama’s AttacksBy one measure, Rush Limbaugh is a definite winner this week. His ratings have almost doubled since his dispute with the White House exploded into the media limelight.


  12. Jess says:

    beth-this whole thing has been SO fascinating to me. Good for Rush.


  13. are those cursive “L”s all over the background of your blog? wow–you really DO miss me!


  14. supern8 says:

    Where’s the new blog?…c’mon Jess, I know we lost an hour, but this is rediculous!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear MSP – will you actually post replies to these questions or are you just teasing us?


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