on why I am not dead, but procrastinating

I am here, awake and still living. I didn’t blog yesterday because I was at the ZOO. It was awesome, and I am making a little video for your viewing pleasure, only not today because I have 2 hours of solitary fun beginning when these little people fall asleep and thus, I will be deserting you momentarily.

We had our second JPR set today, and it went great. Swimmingly, even. This one is a format called Worship With the Word, and it was focused on Psalm 27:1-4, which is a great passage and an easy one to sing about. We practiced some last night, in the living room with an acoustic and Bibles, and so I was more familiar with the flow and how it should work. And it was really good. It has made me aware of how unfamiliar the Bible has become to me… which is wacky because from about 6 to 16 I was fed a steady diet of Scripture and I could practically breathe it… but not so much now. What is amazing is that spending 2 hours singing and thinking about 4 verses has made me a little hungry… I want to read some more… so that is very, very cool.

Today, I plan on grocery shopping and going to the library. The glamour.


22 thoughts on “on why I am not dead, but procrastinating

  1. Josh says:

    Uhh, I believe the correct spelling is Frist


  2. supern8 says:

    errOne entry found. Main Entry: err Function: intransitive verb Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French errer, from Latin errare to wander, err; akin to Old English ierre wandering, perverse, Gothic airzeis deceived Date: 14th century 1archaic : stray2 a: to make a mistake (erred in his calculations) (erred on the side of caution) b: to violate an accepted standard of conduct


  3. supern8 says:

    FristFrist\ (fr[i^]st), v. t. [OE. fristen, firsten, to lend, give respite, postpone, AS. firstan to give respite to; akin to first time, G. frist, Icel. frest delay.] To sell upon credit, as goods. [R.] –Crabb.


  4. I’m glad it went so great! That must have been so refreshing. đŸ™‚


  5. jennifer says:

    Is there any news on Draken Teinert? I thought they where suppose to find out something today from the test they ran yesterday?


  6. nice dictionarying. i enjoy that sort of sport.wow. wish i coulda been there for that set. wait, i was there.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Jess, could we have a legal definition of frist and lsat from the Smartypants Exhausted Volumes 26 and 27?-G


  8. Josh says:

    Me thinks supern8 has a little too much time to burn. Jess- glad you’re getting in the flow with the worship and you’re getting hungry for the Word.Anyone- Yes, any update on baby Teinert?


  9. Josh says:

    Shannon was in the living room feeding Meara and Keith and I were at the dinner table. I finished eating and left Keith to finish his dinner while I went and gathered and took the trash to the street. I come back 10 minutes later and nearly ALL of Keith’s spaghetti and spinach are plastered ALL OVER the walls in the dining room. Like crazy amounts everywhere. I had to clean the walls five feet high to the floor. I could not believe it.


  10. supern8 says:

    LSATPronunciation: “el-“es-“A-‘tE, ‘el-“satFunction: abbreviationLaw School Admission Test


  11. Josh says:

    Everytime I see the initials JPR it makes me think I’ve see the initials somewhere before, but I can’t think of where.


  12. Josh says:

    Yawn – Lsat.


  13. supern8 says:

    LSATPronunciation: “el-“es-“A-‘tE, ‘el-“satFunction: abbreviationLaw School Admission Test




  15. Josh says:

    I be knowing what JPR be meaning. I be just thinking I done seen JPR before for something else.Got it, partner?


  16. a few options, roo here


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