Surprise me

We had another JPR set today. It went well, although I would hesitate to says swimmingly today. Just well.

Then I had my break and spent most of it at Sonic, drinking a half-price Coke and reading Escape, which is the true story of a woman who escaped the FLDS cult and lived to tell about it. It’s interesting… crazy. I’m at the part where they’ve just barely made it out and she is trying to survive on her own with 8 kids. I’m pretty sure one of the kids goes back to the cult. Know why? Because of the picture section in the center of the book. I hate it when they show the end of the story in the picture section. I try to skim with my eyes and skip any pictures that are past the part of the book I’ve already read, but I usually end up getting spoilers anyway. 
In that vein, it is very difficult being a person who likes surprises. Everybody in the world wants to tell me what they got me, and what is going to happen in the book or the show, and so forth. I just want to NOT know. Thanks. 
A few zoo pics here.

6 thoughts on “Surprise me

  1. supern8 says:

    See you soon…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you read ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’? It’s a bunch of true stories about the FLDS – mind blower.I love vanilla cokes at sonic!!yvonne


  3. Rt 66 Double Vanilla Coke EZ ice $1.21 between 2-4 Seven Days a WEEK…… FLDS? What is this?


  4. ♪essica says:

    Sonic Happy Hour drinks half price every day from 2-4. That makes a small Coke with AWESOME ice 55 cents….


  5. ♪essica says:

    yvonne- i haven’t read it but I just ordered it from the library- thanks!


  6. Anonymous says:

    FLDS – Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints.


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