Texas or bust

We will be hitting the road in a couple of minutes here, Lord willing. I may or may not be able to live-blog from the iPhone en route. Peace out!

9:28 am: on the road, finally. 34 degrees outside and richy has the ac on. Also, we forgot the iPod and the iPhone only has 7 songs saved on it. Might be a long one, folks. (just switched it to heater)

11:12 am Carthage, mo. Not to be confused with the one in Rome. 42 degrees. Hot fries and coke. Toby is complaining about how hungry he is, and what he needs is an apple, now, if you ask him.some discord over the subject matter as the MOG only wishes to discuss abortion, the end of days, or aliens.

Not to be totally negative- it’s actually peaceful in here as we rocket along. R2 is loving looking out the window while he crunches on some chips.

1:01 pm ate at the giant mcdonalds in Ok. It was ok. I hope all these babies fall asleep so I can eat my secret brownies. Not “magic” brownies, mind you. I don’t indulge. Well, I indulge in some things, like excessive chocolate. I am going to be drafted as a driver pretty soon, so I must return to my novel before it is too late.

3:52 pm somewhere in Oklahoma. 60 degrees and raining, which is why I retired from driving. I don’t do rain. Toby just now fell asleep and brynn is still holding out..
Atoka. We are in Atoka. Our gps had us slated for arrival at 10:30 but we have gotten it all the way back to 9:40 by consistently exceeding the speed limit. Go us.

8:21 corsicana. Just spent what felt like several years of my life driving. It stunk. As soon as I started, someone in our van (clue: potty-trained
person) began covering his eyes and muttering desperate prayers. Now, the last time I actually hit something (a parked car) was over a year ago,and my only moving wreck ever was in 2001. Still, I can’t get no respect. I then gave credence to his fears by hitting a traffic cone that
was in a totally ridiculous place. Stupid Dallas. Our eta is growing later, due in part to the less than stellar response time by jack in the box employees. Now I have to go and pay attention or some people will drive right past Woody’s Smokehouse without stopping to pay homage.

Oh, and I teared up when I saw bluebonnets.

10:40something We made it! Sheesh.


11 thoughts on “Texas or bust

  1. Anonymous says:

    me thinks u should discuss aliensfun topic& weird


  2. Beth says:

    haha! i totally relate. sometimes james just can’t stop talking about the “end of days” as you put it, and i think, “i know it’s important, but this is depressing after a while. and you already said that 3 times….”


  3. supern8 says:

    Not only “giant” McDonalds…but formally “world’s largest” til they built a huge one in Russia..commies!BTW – check out the Radiant facebook page for details on all our Texas events next week!


  4. supern8 says:

    Also, Rick Pino is in Houston tonight at Victory Christian Center at a conference. I think John Arnott from Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship is speaking…


  5. CrystalD says:

    uuuuuuuu!!!! I LOVE RICK PINO! (in a mex accent) HE’S DA BEST!oh jess, i think i would have to wrestle my husband down if he turned the AC on with it that cold out side. I REQUIRE the car to be a certain temp. before i will even get inside of it!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmm. Aliens, huh? I’m thinkin’ a “talk” with the MOG is in order here beautiful niece! ha! Can’t wait to see ya’ll! Peace out!Tammy


  7. katw0man says:

    supern8we are not so fluid as to know about a rick pino eventat 554 pm and still beable to make it …..wow. i hope you have a good time.i finally got one of his cd’s onmy itunes…it is awesome.angel of awakening.i love it.ok, to check radiant website


  8. Hannah says:

    Oh! I haven’t seen blue bonnets in years. Pick some for me ;o)


  9. ♪essica says:

    funny, Hannah. You wanna get me executed?


  10. Mama PC says:

    when did House Church Network start having their Sat gatherings from 6:30 A.M. to 8:30 A.M.? hmmm… maybe I can make it…


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