I gotta quit you

I will be beginning a week-long internet fast today. This is the HARDEST thing for me to fast, because I live on the web, and I gather all my knowledge from the Google.

But the thing with fasting is- if it doesn’t hurt, then what’s the point? I could easily fast brussel sprouts and dogs for the rest of my life and I would NEVER feel the lack.

Like Apollo said, “No pain, no gain.” So I’m out.

But here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m setting up the rest of this week- typing 5 blogs tonight and putting them on a timer-like. So they should automatically publish every morning. So read them, and comment on them, so when I come back from what will undoubtedly be a productive and challenging week, there you will all be, cyber-waiting.

And then I will be back Monday morning. Or thereabouts. Maybe Monday afternoon. Only time will tell.


6 thoughts on “I gotta quit you

  1. Hi Jess! I love you and I miss you…. since you do not believe in the telephone…… how will we communicate…..O ….and… I was thinking about mailing these shampoo visors but then the words from a famous loved one came to mind….”we live in America” so I decided to sit on them and put them in my luggage….


  2. Beth says:

    you’re so helpful! so nice of you to leave us with the feeling that you are there even though you are obviously not and are elsewhere learning holiness.what a friend!


  3. oh good, the drug supply will continue.


  4. Yes this is an addiction and we all joyfully admit being addicted to Jekissa and her writings and the continual saga of her sweet little family…


  5. Mama PC says:

    well, house it goin’?


  6. Josh says:

    tis goin’. you?


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