the Real Yablonski

All right, Robo-Blogger is officially off duty. It was pretty fun coming back and reading all the comments.

My fast was okay. It probably wasn’t hard enough, because I still had plenty of distractions. Still, it’s over- and the end of the 3 week fast is tomorrow. I am going to eat so many brownies I might explode. If I explode, know I went out happy.

It was an eventful week. I learned how to make tutus.

I also cleaned out our closet and made a skirt for maself out of a discarded pair of the MOGs jeans.

In addition to these crafty exploits, I spent a LOT of time at the doctor with Toby, who has been diagnosed with allergies and asthma. So that was a couple nights with the nebulizer every three hours. We are now dosing him with steroids (and he is getting ripped) and Claritin and albuterol in a cute little inhaler. The question, does having an inhaler automatically make you a little bit of a geek- No. He is a wheezy little rockstar.

In other news, I am leaving for a tour with the Radiants on Wednesday. Viking Granny will be here tomorrow, and she will chill here in KC with my male offspring, whilst I take the tantrummy female one on the road with me. I’ll be on the road for 19 days, and I think I should still be able to blog daily, I mean, this is America and we do have socialized wi-fi. So no worries there.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “the Real Yablonski

  1. hey, you are back! and i am too! i laughed much at your smartypants blog. and what a clever skirt. and i will see you very soon. 🙂


  2. Shannon2-24 says:

    yay for girl skirts!


  3. wow, my pal on the road for nineteen days. yeehaw! welcome back, pal!!!


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