one of us is married to HIM


Anybody out there? Been pretty quiet around here. Maybe I’m needy, but uh… comment. 

Today we’re driving to Virginia Beach. I think we’ve been on the road for about eleventy-jillion hours and about an hour and a half to go.

Yesterday we were at River of Life Church in Aiken, South Carolina.

(disclaimer: I am writing this blog under the influence of cold meds and my brain is all wicky-wacky)

We’ve been to this church a couple of times before, but this is the first time we’d done a non-youth event. We have been getting a pretty good seasoned citizen ratio these days. I’m not sure what that’s about, but some of my favorite people are seniors, so it’s all good.

Richy has been sharing our twin story some, and usually forgets to mention that I, the diminutive redhead at his side, am mother of his children. So people tend to assume that Hannah is the wife, and console her after the concert. Or, they assume that the wife is at home, or has run off with the sound guy, or whatever. Clearly, she is not standing right here.

 I know that traditionally, the husband plays the guitar and the wife plays the keyboard and sings specials. Those are traditional roles. We shake it up a little, and people just get confused. So it’s always entertaining to me to watch Hannah receive the comfort of the Lord.

Last night Leah got questioned extensively about how she lost the babies, and how she didn’t and wasnt she married to the guy on the stage (yes and no) and did the blue wash OUT of her hair or was it permanent and WHERE is the wife and so on.

Easily solved, folks. Point > to the wife. I’ll bring the MOG up to speed later, or if I forget, when he reads this blog. 


14 thoughts on “one of us is married to HIM

  1. I am still laughing at poor little baby Brynn…..Have you ever seen a child on the beach or pool side with white zinc all over the face and a huge hat and lots of floaties and a nose plug and an over protective mother near by?That is what this pic of Brynn crying in the sand covered in sunburn proof clothes made me think of.I am still laughing….


  2. I love the pic of MOG and that cwazy Daniel ….I am so glad that you all made time for a little fun.


  3. Beth says:

    how does one respectfully reject comfort?poor confused people. =)


  4. misskerri says:

    Jess, I promise we’ll get it right here @ Lighthouse! Btw – what do ya’ll want for lunch/dinner on Sunday? Anything you’ve been craving for on the road that you haven’t gotten? I’m the one putting it together so let me know… Oh, and how much water do ya’ll drink?


  5. They drink TONS of H20 and love Mexican food and salsa…. at least two of them do anyway……LOL


  6. ♪essica says:

    Nate may have put in a request for real New England clam chowder — :DWe drink a lotta water, it’s true. Thirsty little critters.


  7. Oh, the identity confusion. Definitely had that happen plenty! Think me taking my red-headed niece to the grocery store…


  8. Josh says:

    Identity confusion is a big problem with me too. Think George Clooney.


  9. Josh says:

    The poperotzy are a real pain! Can’t I just go buy some wood at Home Depot without you guys swarming me? Silly photographers.


  10. misskerri says:

    Alrighty – 2 cases of water, and I'll do my best on the salsa/mexican side. One caveat – this is New England and well… we're a little far from the border for you Texas types to call our food "authentic", I learned my lesson in El Paso & Stephenville.As for Nate's Clam Chowda – hmmm, I'll see. I personally don't eat things that formerly lived in water so… But, definitely we can do water… Costco here I come!


  11. misskerri says:

    Can you tell I’m excited you’re all coming?!?!?! And you’ll never believe what I un-archived when I was going through the file drawers this week – muuaahahahaha


  12. jennifer says:

    So while you are all hopped up on cough medicine let me ask you something. Can I borrow some money? and I need a babysitter for like a month or two. Of course that all depends on how long I can make the cash last in VEGAS BABY!


  13. ahahahahahahahahahahathis post was entertaining… i love to imagine hannah and leah having to clear up the misunderstandings…. :)pal, did you ever get that super great card that i sent you all the way from africa with the picture of y ou on the front?!@?!?!?pal


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