pictura update

I haven’t blogged in a day or two, because a bevy of Clarks and a Joy have descended on my house. They are great!! I have missed this family so much, especially STEPHANIE. Today Eva kept all the kids except baby Max and Steph and I got to go grocery shopping and have lunch and hit the thrift store… it was awesome to be able to talk freely and for a long time!

Han comes back tonight, and I am stoked to have her back too, it’s been lonely around here! So that’s it, no real updates except it’s noisy and busy and beautiful around here!!
A couple of weeks ago, we had professional pics taken by Shelley Paulson. She took a lot of the band, and individual shots too. They rock, look at a couple. Shelley is awesome, hire her!


4 thoughts on “pictura update

  1. ~*Beth*~ says:

    that second one, in the field, is funny. richy looks all pious and junk while everyone else is having a party. very funny.


  2. my pal's got some SASSY hair… this red chunkiness is one of my FAVES of EVER i think!!!!!!!!!!!!


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