Logically, I SHOULD miss you…

Last night we had a home group here… it was really refreshing. I love having people in our house, and several people ate soup and cornbread, too, which was great. There is something very satisfying about feeding people. The meeting ran till about 11, which is kinda how we roll.

Toby was put to bed at 7:45 and wreaked havoc and reveled in lawlessness until probably 10:30. He ran around his room, put all the shoes in his sister’s crib, jumped on bubble wrap, got spanked a couple of times, drew all over his door and his person with a dry erase marker and then when I refused to bathe him, he did it himself. And I quote, “I jist put the nakins in the potty and I jist wash myself!” Ugh. The smell of e-coli was no doubt, soothing, so then he fell asleep.
Life is good. It’s confusing good, because it seems like I should miss everyone in Texas more, or that I should want to be there- and I do, sometimes. Ultimately, though, I feel such contentment and so much in-the-right-place-ness. So that’s strange for me.
In other news, I am kinda getting over how ugly my kitchen is and just cooking anyway. I found a recipe for biscuits made with mayonnaise (and I don’t DO mayonnaise) and they are so easy and fluffy and great- and then today I baked chicken and it came out perfect! Now, the concern is, we are moving into the cold months here. Last winter I stayed inside all winter and baked, and gained weight. I am still hanging on to that weight, and will I be adding more due to snow-mandated-cookie-baking? Concerning. Mmm. Cookies.

13 thoughts on “Logically, I SHOULD miss you…

  1. ~*Beth*~ says:

    i would love to have your mayonnaise biscuit recipe if you would be willing to share.cold days are for baking. you just need to find more people to come and eat what you bake.


  2. jennifer says:

    You need to start a baking exchange program. Send your friends down hear baked goods in exchange for them sending you salsa and crawtators!


  3. ♪essica says:

    This is the one I'm using, Beth… it is so fast and they are really fluffy- no mayo taste at all!


  4. ~*Beth*~ says:

    ooh thank you! i will probably try it tonight!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I am going to try the biscuit recipe too. Can you give me some more good fiction writer names? I read all the lisa samson in the library here.-G


  6. Anonymous says:

    I love the Toby stories. He is such a boy.-G


  7. ♪essica says:

    G- I meant to tell you- remember Ray Blackston? He's written more stuff! also, I have been loving Laura Jensen Walker and Melody Carlson


  8. Anonymous says:

    O great! Yeah, I do remember Ray Blackston. I liked him. I looked for him yesterday, great, he has new stuff! Also, tried the biscuits for lunch and they were ( What does Rachel Ray say?) Yum-O-G


  9. CrystalD says:

    boys…. they are soooo cool!…. HEy don't mess with Texas!


  10. what? i've never seen such a simple recipe… i might be trying me some to pass the time… 🙂


  11. ~*Beth*~ says:

    ok, i need recipe consultation. did you use actual self-rising flour? or did you do the substitution thing?i did the substitution thing, where you put 3 tsp baking powder and a tsp of salt in with 2 cups of flour (minus 4 teaspoons).my biscuits are super fluffy and neato and super easy to make, but they have a…..flavor.do you know what i mean?do yours have a…flavor?


  12. ♪essica says:

    I used self-rising, and then ate them with butter and jelly. Didn't notice a flavor…


  13. ~*Beth*~ says:

    apparently the "flavor" i tasted is in my head. i'm almost out of biscuits (eat by parties other than myself), and it's not even dinner time yet.thanks for the great recipe!=D


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