Non-retraction clarification

In light of yesterday’s post, certain people married to me have suggested that I am like a rock star that disses their fans. I read back through about a hundred times, and I can see where maybe you could have thought that, if you are particularly sensitive like a little weenie baby. Tomorrow, I will issue a retraction to that statement.

No, but seriously. You gotta hear my heart. I’m just in a God-place in my life, and under tons of grace to not be homesick for the people I love so much, and the great nation of Texas. So there you go.
In other news, Hannah is doing vocal exercises in her room. Oh, wait, now she’s in here. Awesome. They are in the process of recording her EP downstairs, which is harder than it sounds with all the crazy children running around and smashing their heads into table corners and collapsing and screaming down AC vents.
In other, other news, I bought a spaghetti squash and I am off to Google something cool for me to do with it. Not like origami or something, I just mean a cool recipe. If that doesn’t work out, then maybe origami.

7 thoughts on “Non-retraction clarification

  1. ~*Beth*~ says:

    i really can't see how anybody who knows you even a little (and i only know you a little), and i'm a weenie baby, could've taken that the wrong way.if anyone did take that the wrong way, then i clarify ahead of time that i did not mean to say anything in the negatory about you – only that i think it's unlikely that anyone was offended by yesterday's musings.but that's just me. i probably offend people all the time. who knows?


  2. Anonymous says:

    It's okay. Really. It's (SOB…loudly) okay. I'm fine. Don't worry about me at all. (Sniff)I'm glad you are happy up there (SNORT) and don't mind at all. (WAAAAAAAAH…BOOO HOOO (sob sobsnort). Mama


  3. Anonymous says:

    Don't you hate it when Mama snorts?Ok, this is what I did with the biscuits to clarify Beth's question last postings.I had mysterious flour in a container that I could not remember what kind it was…So, since it is cold times around here, I decided better to put a little baking powder in it and it to rise greatly, ( Sort of like that scene in I Love Lucy where she makes bread the size of a table top.)than to take a chance in it not rising at all.So that is what I did. It came out great. As for Jess, my feelings are not hurt since I see you now as much as I did when you lived a mile away.What a weird family-G


  4. I want a copy of that EP!!


  5. Joy! says:

    Jess…. Cut Sp Squash in half long ways….and bake at 350 for 30 minute face down in a shallow pan with just a tad of water….so squash wont stick…. after 30 min turn it over facing up and sprinkle lightly with pepper and REAL butter and bake for 15-30 more minutes….. then scrap out with a fork onto a plate and EAT. YUMMMMY


  6. Joy! says:

    Mama….. on the net already ……. WOW


  7. jennifer says:

    So how did it go with the spagetti squash? I love that stuff!! Oh and I was not offended, but I am not a weenie baby. I was glad to hear that you have such grace right now!


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