So sick

75 dollars and 2 hours later, strep throat is confirmed. It was an interesting appointment, and if I didn’t wish I was dead, I would tell you all about it. (note: I do not really wish I was dead. I just wish I was asleep.)

Maybe when the antibiotics kick in I will tell the story. Until then, I bid you adieu as the MOG has the wee ones corralled and I should really sleep

8 thoughts on “So sick

  1. O my poor baby!What kind of antibiotics did the dr give you? Amoxicillan? I think I brought Strep to your house when we visited. I got sick that Saturday and I have been on antibiotics since I have been home. Fever Headach and THROAT burn yukky feeling and scratchy coughing…… Amoxicillin 500 mg for 3 weeks has not kicked it yet….. I hope you feel better but I really want to know what you are taking..


  2. ♪essica says:

    I am taking Cephalexin because I am allergic to penicillin.


  3. ♪essica says:

    3 500 mg capsules a day for 10 days


  4. ♪essica says:

    also, FYI: the shelf life of amoxicillin is 2 years max, when kept at perfect temperature


  5. Mama PC says:

    be careful with those abx VG = if weak abx, the strep bug grows stronger as it figures out how to outsmart the pharmaceuticalsjess – hope you feel better and that all your family's germs stay in your own bloodstreams and then are victimized by the proper adminstration of the abx – we don't need strep down here no matter how much you miss all of us


  6. Worse case scenerio I DIE! I am taking Latino Amoxicillon 500 mg 3 times a day ever since I have returned from KC. I was taking it twice a day for the first 8 days. Felt well and stopped… 4 days later thought I was dead.. so I started again with 3 a day….and yogurt….. Still have headach every day and throat sore off and on….. and not kissing anyone anymore… ever again in my entire life….. so there you go…


  7. ♪essica says:

    thanks for the compassion, MamaPC :Pand congratulations on your GRANDDAUGHTER!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I am allergic to penicillin also-G


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