We (almost) hit the road

We leave momentarily for our family trip. We’ll be driving, and the MOG will be preaching in various cities and leading worship sometimes, I think. Maybe you wonder what I will be doing. Allow me to remind you.

Also, don’t forget the disgruntled preteen who, despite frantic repeated signing of “school” and “bus” is being held here, with his family, against his will.
I had valiant intentions, and in reality, all of the clothes in all the house are clean, because I did laundry at midnight and again since 8. Now I have to assimilate all this laundry into suitcases somehow. It was a lot easier to pack for just me and the MOG… how many socks do three little people need for 12 days and such. Ay caramba. I started getting pretty stressed about how much there was to get done, so I decided it was a good time to blog. I have alternative logic, don’t judge.
The MOG and I have taken alternate approaches to the urgency of the hour. I have opted for the screeching-like-a-fishwife approach, followed by the nervous breakdown on the couch and to-heck-with-it-all option. He has spent the morning on the porch, coming in for coffee refills and mild rebukes to whoever is writhing and screaming on the floor in his direct path.
He is working, so don’t fire off any hate mail. He keeps assuring me, “I am almost done with this correspondence and then I am going to kick into gear.” I, being a fishwife, scoff. Still, I know at some point he will be done with work, and come in and question the efficacy of my mental breakdown policy.
I’ll tell you more about this “tour” and the route tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the cuteness. They weren’t coached on what to say, this is just what they came up with. đŸ™‚
Oh, and if you want to give financially toward this trip, follow this link to see Richy’s video update and the Donate button!

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