the reason for your neglect


7 thoughts on “the reason for your neglect

  1. Joy! says:

    why does it have to be GREEN…. how about BLUE BLUE BLUE sky BLUE or Robin egg blue or denim blue.. BLUE


  2. Joy! says:

    Toby is really cute


  3. Joy! says:

    Brynn is kinda cute too


  4. Joy! says:

    MOG is the cutest


  5. Joy! says:

    o yea….. and I love your hair and you are cute too but not as cute as MOG.. he needs a hug and a back massage and neck too.. Hey Jess… can you take care of that?


  6. Nate says:

    Cause green is awesome.


  7. CrystalD says:

    I think mama of a small army deserves a back rub! and i think she's cute!love you Jess!


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