From the house of prayer in Show Low AZ

Attention, dog lovers. Prepare to be offended. But first, I will tell you about last night’s ministry.

Every stop is basically pull in, eat lunch at the church, set up gear for a loooong time and then eventually soundcheck and practice for a while and then maybe some caffeine IV drips and then prayer and then the service and then dinner. So that’s what we did.

This was a youth group in El Paso, and they were great. Youth groups are usually fun because they are not as cool as young adults or as “mature” as adult audiences and therefore, they dance. Which I love. I dance too. I might be getting old. I will not succumb to age’s call yet… not yet. The whole night ended up prophetic ministry to individuals. It was pretty heavy and awesome. Then we had Taco Cabana. Also heavy and awesome.

Now, I will talk about dogs. Hate em. Our hosts were super nice, and their house was great and no problem. They did, however, have dogs and thus inspired this post.

Dogs are SO intimidating. Why do they bark, with their insolent glares and their razor sharp teeth? Cats are so reasonable. If a cat hates you, they usually just shun you entirely, or maybe take the occasional swipe at your passing ankle. Dogs don’t even have to dislike you. All it has to be is, they don’t recognize you or you smell different or something, and they’re growling and barking. Terrifying. Stupid dogs.

I had more to say, but that was hours ago and I’m over it. If I come to your house and you have ravenous beasts, know that I love you despite that. Now I feel better.

In other news, I will be live-streaming every concert at low quality from my webcam. The link is up above this post.


3 thoughts on “From the house of prayer in Show Low AZ

  1. ~*Beth*~ says:

    My dog barks viciously and then runs away. She's very scary…i mean scared.I also prefer cats because i understand them; i can train them a little better too!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did I ever listen to you? Now I am chatting for hours and wondering about people's lives that I haven't heard from in decades. OYE VEY!-G


  3. G is talking FB lingo…..


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