Guest bloggers: 3 amigos

Driving to New Mexico today. We’ll make it to Gallup tonight and then the rest of the way to Tucumcari tomorrow. I miss my kids. Luckily, there’s some rowdies up in here.


5 thoughts on “Guest bloggers: 3 amigos

  1. Anonymous says:

    cool! Glad to know you guys are doing good! are you going to mississippi at all this tour? just wondering!! :)- Katie D.


  2. ♪essica says:

    no miss this time, we just have new mexico and several texas dates left.


  3. Anonymous says:

    ah ok was just wondering. have a friend there 🙂 -katie


  4. Joy! says:

    Did JM get his hair cut? Is he the same guy I met when I was in KC?


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