Weekend update for Your Nosiness

I am safely nestled in the womb of the second largest state in the Union. Actually, let’s face it. Nobody counts Alaska. I mean, it’s a state, and Sarah Palin is great, but you can’t really count a state that’s all like frozen and mooses and stuff. Texas is full of people and therefore, bigger. I digress. Anyway, the point is, I am home in Texas for Thanksgiving, and determining which taco joint I will hit like Ike first.

On Friday, I had two teeth yanked violently out of my head for $250. That is a racket if I ever saw one. I took the laughing gas, and composed blogs in my head while he shot me up with Novocaine not one but FOUR times before I stopped feeling. My eye socket was numb till bedtime. Getting high is no good, by the way. I do NOT recommend it. Although, if a guy is going to be digging around in your mouth with pliers while talking about Tears for Fears, it’s probably a good idea. It was rough. I want to forget.
Saturday we did a mondo Thanksgiving feast and you might be disappointed to learn that I totally bailed on the turkey but our friend Andrew saved the day and the bird and ROCKED it. All of the food was awesome, all of the people were awesome, and then fire and marshmallows and awesome and I am done here, done. Because it’s TACO TIME!

3 thoughts on “Weekend update for Your Nosiness

  1. Thanks, that was a nice little Jessica fix 🙂 I am happy, and can go take a nap now. *Selah*


  2. misskerri says:

    *like* – enjoy TX my friend…& your tacos and salsa….


  3. CrystalD says:

    THANK GOODNESS YOUR MOUTH HEALED IN TIME FOR TACOS AND SALSA!!!!now after thanks giving throw your left over turkey in a pan with a little oil, and some chili powder, little cumin and wa-la! TURKEY TACOS!!! YUM!


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