You people

I know, I know. You deserve a blog. A real, honest to goodness humdinger of an upper of a blog post. But I’ve been a little busy, see? I have been having Christmas, and figuring out where in Texas to live in January, and then figuring that out some more, and eating a LOT of salsa, and so on. Also, I’ve been writing some fiction, but I might not share it with you because I am 3 pages into writing a real live NOVEL and thus will not be posting her on the interwebs. Also, I have a son named Toby, the boy of 1000 questions (a minute).

Also, I ate bacon candy. Shut up, because you can’t knock it till you try it. I will not post a picture on here, because of the poop jokes it inspires, but trust me. Bacon dipped in chewy chocolate is a holy thing, and you need to get right with God.

Today, we started driving to Kansas City and made it to Huntsville before we were informed that the weather was making Oklahoma impassable, and since we had to be back here on the 1st anyway, leaving later than today makes it not practical. So we turned around and went back to my Mama’s house, where I am to this day. So. There you go. And now, goodnight.


3 thoughts on “You people

  1. Wimp. Get back in the car. I want to see all of your faces.


  2. ~*Beth*~ says:

    You silly girl. You think these are good reasons not to write for us. You are so silly. 😉


  3. CrystalD says:

    a real novel hu? hmmmm Ill have to read it just to see if a pregnant 16 yr old with blond spikey hair who is betrothed to a Mexican sk8ter boy shows up in it. ;-)you have accumulated lots of dirt on people over the past 15 yrs… enough to write a series of novels on. LOL


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