Marching for Justice, part II

After we had participated in the Siege, and walked around, we saw the police getting the feeder ready for the march, and we decided to walk back over to the CCC and watch from there. It was about an 8th of a mile, and perfect weather. About halfway back to the march start, we saw a second group of people standing in silent prayer. There must have been several hundred people there, and I started getting choked up again, realizing that we had stretched out the borders, and filled them.

Throughout the day, as we saw people, I kept finding myself wanting to raise my fist and shout, in excitement and solidarity for what was happening. Then I would remember that they all had their mouths taped…

We kept walking and as we approached the underpass, we saw a big group of people walking toward us. It took a second for my eyes to adjust and realize the line reached all the way back to the horizon. They were a quiet group, 1 of 3 groups of 3000, marching with Life tape on their mouths, some with hands raised. Few people were talking, and you could feel the heaviness and the solemnity of the moment. It’s not enough, some would say. It’s just walking. Well, I was there and I can tell you that Heaven heard us. There is so, so much work to do. But for this day, we raised our silent cries to God.

I watched them coming. I stood on the sidewalk and cried as they walked past, every one person carrying this burden of the heart of God. Thousands of them, marching past. A half-mile away, Matt Gilman was leading worship at the CCC, and his voice rang out over the city, “Holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty.” I took it to heart that God is holy, that He is above it all and that He sees. This evil WILL be overturned. Maybe this specific clinic, maybe not. But abortion, abortion will be outlawed in our lifetime.

I wrote this yesterday for my poetry blog.


Just the sound of walking
Shoes scraping against asphalt
Strollers whisking past, full of life
Overhead, behind and before us, angels sing Holy.

We are silent, because we can hear children screaming
We are silent, because their voice is denied
We are silent, because broken hearts make no sound
Hear our silent screams, you kings.
You will answer for every drop of blood.

Around us, trucks and helicopters and why, why, why, blaring from screens
“You should be ashamed” they say.
No, you should be ashamed.
Your hands are stained, and you have forgotten how to blush.

God, end abortion and send revival to America.


2 thoughts on “Marching for Justice, part II

  1. wow. that comment, though fascinating, does not do your blog justice. thanks for writing jess. you help those of us who were there remember what happened and feel again, and maybe see if from a different and deeper perspective. and those who weren't there get to take part in it through your you. : )


  2. ♪essica says:

    What comment? MUAHAHA… lousy spammers.


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