Friday: Nothing to say in 300 words or less

All right, enough emotion and deep thinking. Today, I have for you, some good old-fashioned vapidity.

• I dyed my hair black. I may have shown the first hair-decision restraint of my life by choosing non-permanent dye, fearing a sickly Gothic look.  I expect it to fade to a sickly and unbearable brown in a week or two, and then I will dye it with real dye. Oh, and then I will wear eyeliner every day until I decide on a more natural color. So far, I really like it, although I accidentally dyed my hairline and temples black as well. Hopefully that fades soon, or I will be rocking the emo hair in the face for a while.

• Operation: Attempting To Potty-train Brynn is back in session. This will be the third serious attempt, and my hopes are not high. Still, it’s great weather for her to run around in the buff and pee on the hardwood floors.

• I bought crawfish at a grocery store today. I plan on eating it in lonely splendor tonight after I dispatch the toddlers, along with a red potato and a single ear of corn. Yeah, I live the high life.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Talk amongst yourselves.


9 thoughts on “Friday: Nothing to say in 300 words or less

  1. You look so glamorous with black hair! I know from experience that it does fade to a terrible color, but who cares when you look so good right NOW, right?!Also, putting a thin (I emphasize thin) layer of vaseline down before you dye your hair will keep the dye off your skin better. not fool proof but it helps.Love the hair, good luck with Brynn and don't get food poisoning from sketchy midwestern crawfish.


  2. Mama PC says:

    I like! and I don't usuallly like black hair on non-black-haired persons but somehow you pull it off!


  3. katie says:

    you look beautiful! love it! 🙂 -katie


  4. looking good! Me next!


  5. I love it! Looks beautiful on you! Congrats on being bold and trying something new! : )


  6. Anonymous says:

    actually Jess… it looks good… It works on you! ………


  7. Joy! says:

    actually Jess… it looks good… It works on you! ………




  9. Lindsay says:

    i love it as well! love the cut, love the color.


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