Maybe baby

First off, let me FREAK OUT for a second, because there is a potential match with a baby due in August. FREAK OUT, in a good way. I don’t know enough at this point to say a lot more, and of course it might not work out. I’ve told my hopes not to get up, but, uh, they’re up.

If this is the one, then it will be crucial that we fundraise as much as possible on the 12th. We might need close to $10,000 before June is over. So, if you weren’t planning on coming, think about coming! Even if you just pay the ticket cost at $25, that will help. If you live far away, consider donating anyway, online or by mail- we need lots of help and now we’re talking about a flesh-and-blood baby. 
Here’s some practical stuff we really need. Please spread the word and jump in if you can help, remotely or locally.

1. We need a BIG bbq grill

2. We need someone(s) to cook large amounts of BBQ for the dinner. All meat and supplies provided.

3. We need someone to assist Julie Davis with coordinating the silent auction.

4. BIG one: we need donations for the silent auction. Goods and services, for example, if you make paper clips for a living, then you could donate some classy homemade paper clips. They will either be auctioned solo or grouped in a basket or package and auctioned with other things. 

Or, if you cut hair, give massages, babysit or some other service, you can offer those services and they can be auctioned. 

5. I’m sure we need other practical things, and I’ll add them to the list 


One thought on “Maybe baby

  1. Allison says:

    I remember our first call – it was before we had even done our home study (she was still early in the PG, so we had time). We got probably a dozen calls before we actually said, "Yes, show them our profile." Pray about it, take deep breaths. You'll know when it's right!


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