God bless Brenham

Oh Lordy. I need about a gallon of BlueBell and complete silence. Fiddlesticks, you say. Maybe you think all I’ve been doing for the last week is going to prayer meetings, taking care of my kids, and rescuing dogs. If so, you’re right. And maybe Mother Teresa can pull off that kinda thing without a hitch, but as for me and my house, we are zonked.

We drove back to KC today. My house smells a little funny, and it’s not clean, per se, but it’s home. I am now free to ignore my children at will, since it will only be my stuff they are breaking. Luckily, I bought most of it either at a thrift store and superglued it together anyway, or I bought it at Dollar Tree and really, how much can you expect?

I hope to hit a creative stride in the next couple of days and write some good stuff. First, I need some mental space and I think I can get that starting 2 glorious hours from now when I get all BabyWise on my attachment toddlers and put them to non-negotiable bed.

I have also been asked to write a weekly adoption post for Bound4Life’s blog, Moral Outcry, which is a huge honor and also pretty intimidating, since I’ve never been disciplined at much of anything, except for feeding people who scream. So that’s another motivation for needing some brain food.

Fortunately for me I picked up a half-gal of BlueBell Strawberry on the way home. Expect brilliance. And cellulite.


6 thoughts on “God bless Brenham

  1. Anonymous says:

    I prefer brilliance please. đŸ™‚ – Richy


  2. Beth says:

    writing weekly for bound4life!that's so awesome!congratulations!waytogo!and all that!


  3. Jenn S. says:

    Whatever, you're always brilliant. If I were drinking a Coke I would have snorted it out my nose at the Dollar Tree comment.


  4. CrystalD says:

    that's awesome Jess! I have always thought you should hit up some news paper or magazine and get your own column.


  5. lisa says:

    lol!! "when I get all BabyWise on my attachment toddlers". That's too funny!! It has to happen around here from time to time, too. hahaha =)


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