My gut and the sovereignty of God…

I have suffered much in my life. A thread of pain weaves through all of my 20’s, and often, I have had to sit back and remind myself of the truth- that God is good, despite my circumstances, and that He knows pain better than anyone. I have been given the opportunity, over and over, to question His plan, His purpose, His design- and He comes out, every time, as a Father who loves me and grieves with me. I know now, in the infinite wisdom of a 31 year old, that I will not get answers to a lot of questions on this side of heaven, and I can live with that.

Deep, huh? Watch this stunning plunge into the superficial. Why didn’t God make us so we burn calories when we chase toddlers? 
I spend 26 hours a day grabbing people by their tiny little arms and pulling them off the freeway or out of the fireplace. I hoist them onto my growing hips and lug them away from siblings, who drop their entire 40 pounds onto my leg and hang on. I make mad dashes all day long, to catch them before they dive from the kitchen counter or cut their construction paper with a box cutter. I lift 1, sometimes 2 toddlers with one arm out of carseats and carry their sweaty, sleepy bodies up a flight of stairs. 
Don’t get me wrong, I also spend an unreasonable amount of time on the couch, only expending enough effort to shout things like, “What was that crash?” and “Who’s in the refrigerator?” and “Do NOT put that power supply in your mouth…” but, c’mon! This job is amazingly taxing, physically. 
You should see me sometime, holding a toddler with one arm that is also holding a bag of groceries, and propping the screen door open with my hip while trying to pull another toddler off the railing where he is madly ringing the doorbell to our own house. I tell you, I’m like some kinda superhero in that moment, like The Amazing Shrieking Fish-wife. There’s no money in that, though. Unless I got a reality show… 
All that to say, we are tightening the ol’ budget belt around here and I cancelled our Y membership today. I hardly ever go, anyway, but now… commence fatness. And thus, I question Your great eternal plan…

10 thoughts on “My gut and the sovereignty of God…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am getting ready to cancel mine too! It's sad, but it is one of my luxuries that is going to have to go for the sake of the budget as well:( Amy Farmer


  2. Beth says:

    you are a super hero. moms always are. who is this fish wife person?


  3. ♪essica says:

    fishwife, in my opinion, is such a great term. Fishwife


  4. Bob says:

    can definitely relate – after 4 miscarriages and a few other challenges it is the utmost battle to never let the accuser's accusations take root – He is good and we are living to see His goodness manifest on the earth and. .. .. and we just found out we were pregnant again so we are being pushed into trust again – enjoyed reading as always – see you Aug. 1


  5. ♪essica says:

    bob- congratulations and we love you guys.


  6. Beth says:

    I had to re-read to see where i had gone wrong. Now i understand, thanks to you and Wikipedia.


  7. Kim says:

    Did you know that eating salsa boosts your metabolism? Well, not exactly, but exactly! It's actually the heat from the peppers that boosts your metabolism for a few hours after eating. Salsa is just a nice way to deliver the heat. Forget the Y, eat salsa!


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