brand new eyes

You know what would be amazing? Seeing something for the first time. Seeing everything for the first time. Sometimes I watch my kids look at something and take it in, and I realize, everything is new. What a beautiful, intoxicating gift to give them the world.

Yesterday, we went to the Clifford Exhibit downtown. For those of you without cartoon cred, Clifford is a giant red dog, of PBS fame. The exhibit is basically a playroom, with the Dawg himself and his surroundings, super fun for the younger set. It was a good day, but one moment stands out. Toby was running ahead and glanced into the room. He turned around with the most brilliant smile… I swear, you couldn’t pay for that kind of joy. I actually laughed out loud- it was such a heady feeling to see him understand.

Every day, they are blown away by the reality of something. A real butterfly. Why rocks in sunlight are hot. How seatbelts plug in. Electricity and music and sound and the sun and the moon. It’s a new world!

And I, I am the lucky one who gets to sit through Creation over and over again as they learn. I could cry from happiness.

Some day soon, they will understand darker realities, pain and death and sorrow. Even those things have a strange, sweet beauty, a shared experience with humanity and with God himself.

Today, though, they are innocence.


4 thoughts on “brand new eyes

  1. Beth says:

    i BET your video is adorable. i wouldn't know though. it doesn't like me. =(


  2. I know man, I dream of taking the kids to all these places I wouldn't have really thought was cool, just because I'll get to sneak a peek through their eyes….and I know it will be BREATHTAKING. 🙂 Seriously, best job ever.


  3. Josh says:

    I agree with your sentiments. We all went an awesome waterfall last week. They were SO wide eyed and "wowing." Then the foot bridge over the road and them getting all excited seeing the cars go under them. Then the gift shop was hilarious as they played with all the toy animals and other stuff.


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