Homeless, or the Good Life

We were driving around a few weeks ago, halfheartedly looking for a rental house to move into.  After a while we found ourselves extolling the virtues of living under a bridge. Lots of fresh air, no commitments, a variety of cars to look at, any amount of cuisine to be collected from dumpsters! Excitement! Free shopping carts! Access to wildlife! Exposure to interesting people! and more!

Despite all that, we made the agonizing decision to rent a house, with walls and a roof. Now, we’re just trying to figure out where. We looked at a townhouse yesterday, because the landlord didn’t mention it was a townhouse. When you live in a recording studio, sometimes it’s a better idea to not live in a house that’s connected to other houses. Anyway, we looked at it, and it’s really an interesting, artsy space that has a scenic view of like, other townhouses and a parking lot. It might be fun for 6 months, which is the lease we’re planning, for now. But it’s kinda worn, so maybe not.

We also looked at a real, freestanding house in a neighborhood we like. The lady let us in and then went to sanitize something, and we roamed free by ourselves. First, we went in the basement, as that will be the business/moneymaking space and it has to work. We quickly came to the conclusion that this particular basement would be ideal for torturing people. The rest of the house was equally creepy, with beautiful floors, and so we slipped away with our lives.

Basically, we need the house we have now. Since that’s not an option, we’re deciding what we’re willing to sacrifice, like, do we need a yard when it’s about to snow for 6 months… do we HAVE to have toilets? Kidding. So, more houses to see next week and then we move by October 1st. Lord willin.


2 thoughts on “Homeless, or the Good Life

  1. Deanna says:

    You guys should just get a motor home. 🙂 Bonus – no host homes! hehe…. it would be a mobile recording studio!


  2. Anonymous says:

    What is this comment on the side from twitter from Richy to Matt Lockett, I will bust a cap?Does it seem to anyone else kind of strange that Richy wants to kill the head of bound for life?There is something ironic about that-G


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